The King of Hunters

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Immortal in distress

A clear hiss sounded in the deep forest at night.
After a while, two figures could be vaguely seen in the forest.
They passed through the air at a vague speed, leaving faint afterimages in the wind.
They were almost invisible to the naked eye.
"F*ck*ng fox!
Don't even think about escaping if you don't hand over the item!" A young man who was wearing a Taoist robe and holding a horsetail whisk was trying his best to chase after the seductive woman not far from him.
The two men's Body Movements were high and nimble as they continued to make their moves while twisting and turning.
"Little Taoist priest, you have been chasing after my sister for almost seven days.
Are you infatuated with her since you followed so closely?" The seductive woman twisted her snake-like waist and punched the young Taoist behind her with the strength of one thousand years.
"Although we are from different positions, your beautiful appearance makes my sister reluctant to hurt you!" The young Taoist grunted coldly and turned his hossu into the shape of Taiji, easily resolving the palm.
Young Master, I was known as a beautiful killer before I started cultivating, and I've seen a lot of high-grade A films my friends treasured.
You, such a bird, want to seduce me?
Save your breath!
Now, there are too many reincarnated animals, and they're more beautiful than the foxes in the street.
Compared to these hot girls, you're already an old woman.
Don't pretend to make me feel sick and keep a mysterious feeling to yourself.
Maybe I can plead for you..." As the young Taoist talked, he quickly gathered his energy and formed a fierce wind with his palm to cover the seductive woman's surroundings.
I heard that you were a genius who had existed in the Celestial Realm for thousands of years.
You really lived up to your name!
The coquettish woman didn't care about it at all.
In the face of this astonishing palm attack, she began to praise him instead,No wonder Lu Dongbin sent you here.
Just based on the power of this palm attack alone, it was something which my big sister had rarely seen in the past thousands of years.
It seemed as though you had been blessed with deep roots in your previous life!
You had such a powerful Xiantian level technique...
While speaking, the seductive woman took out a jade bamboo branch from her hand, on which hung a golden token the size of an embroidered handkerchief.
She held the jade bamboo branch and pushed it gently.
As soon as the Gang Qi sent by the young Taoist touched the golden token on the jade bamboo branch, it instantly disappeared.
The young Taoist's face changed and he thought in his mind, "Wow!
It's this dog stick again!
Why is this thing so fierce?
It seems that my boss cheated my feelings again and did not tell me its real purpose!" "Hahaha...
It's the best for me to use your immortal skill to block your attack!" The seductive woman laughed proudly.
Before she knew it, the two of them had run from the depths of the mountains to the edge of the city.
don't you want to consider being an immortal couple with your sister?" As long as I entered the mortal world, I could kill a person to subdue him.
At that time, the little Taoist priest would be obedient...
The seductive woman thought in her heart and quickened her pace, intending to rush into the crowd.
"You want to play a divine carving couple?
Don't use this tactic of delay, try to sneak into the crowd and make trouble for me!" This made her jump into the crowd, and it would be troublesome if something irreparable happened.
The young Taoist saw through her intentions at a glance, so he gritted his teeth and made a determined effort.
Without saying anything, he stretched out his right index finger, bit it, and drew a token in his hand with the fastest movement, and then he pushed it toward the charming woman.
Thunder in the palm?
This kind of little thing was also able to hold up such a scene.
How did Lu Dongbin teach you?
The charming woman who was running fast turned back and saw the young man's gesture of drawing the talisman.
She couldn't help but laugh out loud.
Oh, really?
The young Taoist smiled sinisterly.
"Fortunately, you haven't seen this move...
The heaven and earth is infinite, and the immortal has borrowed magic skills.
Relying on the wind and thunder between heaven and earth, he sweeps evil spirits away.
Let go of the North Pole Heavenly Deity's Big Gang Seal!
I'll open my fingers first and then open them.
It's the North Pole Heavenly Deity's Heaven Erosion Technique Print!" "What?" The seductive woman was shocked.
Wasn't the Northern Pole Heavenly God's Great Gang Seal the legendary Heavenly God's most precious Heaven Corroding Technique?
This was one of the most famous great techniques in the cultivation world.
It was one of the few rare Heavenly Seals that could break immortal artifacts and magic treasures!
It was said that if it weren't for the High Immortal using it and that anyone who pressed the seals without permission would suffer the tribulation of heavenly lightning, would this little Daoist even sacrifice himself to retrieve the divine artifact in his hands?
How astonishing was the item that Qin Yu snuck into the Dragon Cave to steal it?
Even though the immortal world had to use a large number of men to chase after him, in the end, only this young Daoist was left to follow him...
Even though she was surprised, the seductive woman still leaped onto the high tower.
She wanted to wave the jade bamboo branch to disperse the seal, but the seal was incomparably swift and destructive.
The seal hit the sky with overwhelming power.
The young man rushed up to the air, grabbed the seductive woman who was half-conscious by the seal, and used the Immortal-trapping Rope to entangle her.
He smiled and said, "Stupid fox, how can it be so easy to block it?
I think even I can't escape this trick.
But this is the first time that I learned this trick from the treasury of Heavenly Lord of Devils.
I didn't expect it to be so fierce.
I just don't know if there will be side effects." As he spoke, he pulled up the seductive woman and floated to the top of the tower.
He took the jade bamboo branch from her hand and looked at it for a long time.
Then he muttered to himself, "Is the Wind-thunder Banner in the Dragon Cave really capable of triggering Heavenly Thunder?
It doesn't look like it!" At this time, although the seductive woman's body was numb, her consciousness was extremely clear.
Hearing the young Taoist's muttering, she was so scared that her heart was terrified.
Why did I meet a chasing man who was not as stupid as pigs?
Didn't he know that he was going to suffer the thunder, but he made the Heaven Erosion Print?
I must leave him as soon as possible so as not to be harmed by him..." Although she thought so, how could it be so easy for the demonic body of the demonic body that had been hit by the Heaven Erosion Seal to recover?
The seductive woman exerted her greatest strength, and her body couldn't move a little more.
Looking at the quick gathering thunder and lightning above her, she felt a chill in her heart.
The young Taoist man who was still studying the Wind and Thunder Banner madly winked at her, and she hummed a few times.
Why are you so noisy?
You didn't see me studying it!
The young man kicked her grumpily.
Looking at the frightening eyes of the seductive woman, he suddenly got excited, raised the Wind-and- Thunder Banner high and said with a smile, "You blocked so many celestial soldiers with this thing, so I'll use it to deal with you now.
Come on!
" No!
Before the seductive woman raised the Wind and Thunder Banner, she had seen the pillar-like Ninth Heaven Thunder in the sky.
Don't make me die together.
Let me go!
Let me go!
The seductive woman shouted in her heart.
"Rumble, rumble, rumble..." A huge white light flashes.
The seductive woman finally stops struggling.
She closes her eyes with tears because she has already seen the lightning pillar strike down.
How painful!
Don't slap me in the face!" Zheng Qingping screamed, put his hands around his head and curled up on the ground.
He was a man of 180,centimeters tall, with long hair and a good-looking face, but now he was beaten by a group of men in black.
The boss of the underworld, who was wearing a fierce and evil body, sneered and winked at his younger brothers.
The gangsters nodded and came over to serve Zheng Qingping.
He was so scared that he quickly covered his face with his hands.
That was the most proud part of his.
Apart from his face, he really could not find a place to stay in the world.
But because of the side effect of his handsome face, he accidentally hooked up with the local mafia boss tonight.
He also dreamed of taking advantage of the last summer vacation when the sun was high and the hot girls were all on the street.
In addition, in the office, in the office, in the Dongheng, the last girl, it was a brilliant deed after the school began.
However, there happened to be a familiar girl whose dressing style and appearance made people's nosebleed on the bar.
Since she entered the shop, she constantly flirted with him, full of lascivious desires.
They were alone.
Of course, he would not be polite to the fight.
He casually hooked up with her.
Under the boss's gaze, he walked out of the hotel happily with the mature sister in his arms.
The mature woman was even more anxious than him.
She found a dark corner hurriedly and pouted.
Just as the mature sister was about to go on the next step of the street fight, Zheng Qingping was already at a loss.
The gangsters who arrived at the right time gave him a heavy blow on the back of his head.
Zheng Qingping staggered through the door and quickly walked out of the living room.
He closed the door as his sister went shopping with a worried look on her face.
He ignored the bruises on his body and drank a lot.
He looked at the hood on the bed and cursed fiercely.
Then he turned on the phone and put on the hood, and went back to his bed to do the new training.
In real life, she had poked a hornet's nest, and even in the game, she had accidentally knocked into the woman of the gang boss of the second largest sect in the city.
As a result, her gang boss had not only kicked her out of the gang, but had also deleted her ID to go back to her level and drop her equipment.
It wasn't easy for her to obtain one or two mid-tier swords, but they were gone just like that.
The living expenses that she was going to sell next month had decreased a little.
These beasts usually said that they would take care of her like her own brothers.
So this was how their brothers took care of her...
It had been five days since he deleted the account.
Tonight, through the recognition of the system, he entered the day when his account was re-established.
He put this thin and soft game mask on and entered the game through the system test.
It seemed that this virtual female player was more real than him.
When he showed a smile to himself for thousands of times, he suddenly felt dizzy at the back of his head.
It seemed that it was the first time that he was hit by a stick.
"Why do you feel more and more painful?" Zheng Qingping's hands and feet trembled uncontrollably.
Before he could react, the mask on his head made him faint.
Because it was not the time to establish a new character, the virtuality of the game door was just a constant mechanical repetition,"Hello, please name your new character...
Hello, please name your new character...
Less than five minutes ago, the virtual file will not force the players to quit the game.
It's quite considerate." After a long time passed, Zheng Qingping found himself slowly drifting away from him.
He was surprised to see an ox-headed, horse-faced man standing beside him with a set of Soul Detention Board and Soul-binding Rope.
The handsome ox-headed, horse-faced man grinned at him.
Zheng Qingping, who had no ability to resist, was shackled before he understood what was going on.
He was also wearing a white prison clothes with the character "Death" on it.
Zheng Qingping was really shocked!
Niutou took out a scroll of paper scroll from his arms and hurriedly spread out his thoughts, "Zheng Qingping, the soul of a Sinner, is dying.
His birthday is on the 17th day of October, and four days have passed.
Go with us to hell!" At this time, no matter how stupid Zheng Qingping was, he could not figure out what had happened.
He hurriedly shouted out his grievances, "No way!
I'm strong.
How could I die?
There must be something wrong!" Horse Face grinned and said in the tone of an coroner, "Zheng Qingping, you have dozens of bruises, and your hands and feet are unharmed.
The fatal injury is at the back of your head, your skull bone is broken, and your skull is bleeding.
This is the cause of your death, and the evil consequence of death.
pull the ox-head chain and yell, "Don't talk to him anymore.
We have to work overtime to catch him later.
Let's go!" In the sound of begging for mercy, Zheng Qingping pulled the Ox-head and Horse-faced Devilman together and disappeared in the room reluctantly.
There was a sudden thunder in the sky outside.
In less than ten seconds, a swaying white light suddenly floated into the window, and suddenly stopped where it was because it suddenly found Zheng Qingping's strange appearance.
It seemed that there was a warm body without an owner in the novel.
The white light stayed silent for a while, and then it quickly called out, "Is the landlady here?
Is there any problem?" Slowly, an old man came out of the wall, dressed in an ancient Chinese robe that resembled a white beard of an official from an official's office.
He was none other than a well-known landlord who had thousands of fans.
The old and vigorous civil grandfather of the land seemed to be still awake.
He first flicked his sleeves and stretched lazily.
Then, he saw a sparkling, pure white light flowing around Zheng Qingping.
Judging by the light, this was clearly the real man who had become an immortal.
The landlord was startled.
It had been a long time since he saw an immortal.
He quickly bowed and cupped his hands in respect.
"XiaoProgram, ignorant and ignorant.
I don't know which immortal is coming to you.
What orders did you ask from the immortal to summon me?" The white light shone brightly and said, "There's no need to be so polite, Master Tu.
I'm Qing Pingzi, a disciple of Immortal Chun Yang.
When the fox demon arrived nearby, I was struck by lightning with the Wind and Thunder Banner in its hand.
My body was destroyed at the same time as the fox demon, and my spirit was forced to drift here.
Since there's a new body of the spirit, please check whether the life of the dead is fated with me or not.
I'll consider using my body to stay here for cultivation." It turned out that Qing Pingzi had still thought that it was the fox's Wind and Thunder Banner that drew the Sky Thunder and caused him to be hacked into pieces.
What would the poor fox think if she still had Divine Sense?
The Earth Lady was shocked to hear the name of the person who had come.
She thought to herself, "How could I have met him?" She immediately bowed respectfully and said, "So it's true that you're Immortal Qing Ping, the famous one all these years.
I'm truly honored to have met you here!
I heard that when you were 16,years old, you met Ancestor Lyu.
At the age of 20, you've already achieved the Golden Core.
If it weren't for you, Master Lu, who wanted you to earn thousands of merits, you would have long become a Immortal in the Immortal Realm!" But Qing Pingzi laughed and said with a little shame, "It's nothing!
I was just lucky.
Master always said that I was too heavy in the mortal world and had no Immortal Root, so I couldn't avoid the thunder ordeal this time.
I lost a lot.
Not only my primordial spirit was damaged, but I was also affected by the spiritual sense of the fox spirit.
I couldn't even afford to practice the Rebirth Skill of lotuses.
If I wanted to cultivate the Golden Core, oh no!
I would be busy.
The Duke's heart began to bead with sweat.
He quickly smiled and said, "Perfected Immortal, you are blessed with extraordinary talents and merit.
There has never been a single person in the entire Immortal Realm who has such extraordinary talents.
It is just that our luck is bad now.
We can only leave this place to you and continue our cultivation.
Alright, please wait for a moment, Perfected Immortal.
Xiao Shen will bring out this person's data.
As he spoke, he waved his sleeve and retrieved a file from the residence of the Zheng family.
He took a look at it and said, 'Zheng Qingping, 17-year-old, orphan.
All mortals call him trash from the Human World.
He is adopted by the Zheng family's orphanage...'" The white light flashed and said happily, "Qingping!
Isn't that the name of my secular world?
It turns out that he is also an orphan.
It seems that fate has brought us together.
A trash in the human world?
Why does he have to talk nonsense?" Today, the birthday was over.
Just now, the Niushou Horseman and the City Hall Master had already arranged the formalities for the undead, which erased his Yang identity and escorted the soul to the Netherworld.
The Land God continued to read the words.
In this case, I didn't have to worry about that.
Land Governor, please pass all the information of this person to my primordial spirit.
I can figure out the rest by myself.
Everything is good now!
After saying that, he shook his hand to Mr.
Land Governor and quickly entered Zheng Qingping's body.
In an instant, Zheng Qingping moved his hands and feet.
The white light integrated into Zheng Qingping's body, and he began to repair most of the damage with congenital yuan qi.
30,seconds later, the body had recovered its heartbeat.
Seeing this, the Duke of Land knew that he had succeeded in entering the dormitory, so he quickly put the file in his hand on Zheng Qingping's chest.
A blue light flashed, and the file scroll had entered the Immortal Qing Ping's Primordial Spirit.
Seeing this, the Duke of Land exhaled a sigh of relief.
He thought to himself, "How could there be such a famous troublemaker?
Wherever trouble goes, it will be intertwined with the women of the Immortal Realm.
However, it is really amazing that he has hundreds or even thousands of years of cultivation journey, but he only spent four years.
It's too bad that he loves doing evil and has yet to make a decision, which causes the Immortal Realm to fall into chaos.
And it was even punished by Lu Ancestor with a thousand merits..." He shook his head and thought as he shook his head, then the Duke of Land slowly disappeared beside the wall.
At this time, the beautiful virtual service girl in the game airbag was still standing in the void and said with a smile, "There is only one minute left.
Please name your new character." "Immortal Qingping, no!
We should call him Zheng Qingping now.
When he united with his body, a virtual waiter paused and a system personal reminder said, "Something strange has happened in his brain waves!
Turn on the irises and DNA inspection, check with anti-theft consciousness...
confirm your identity...
complete!" "Now, set up the same name according to your brain waves.
Please name your new member." Reverend Qing Ping was extremely lucky.
Yunxia Company was in charge of preventing the practitioners from destroying the balance of the game.
During their first contact with the game, the Storm Jingting inside the front cover of the game automatically revised the player's data.
If a player with special abilities appeared after being scanned, he or she was prohibited from entering the game and returning the data back to the company.
If the data was circulated in the game, the team would inform the National Security Agency immediately and be dispatched by the National Security Team to look for a capable player.
It could also be considered as a game that the country was looking for.
After that, they could play the game as well.
However, they had to wear the special research blindfold.
After all, this was a game that valued the equality.
If a person was abroad, he or she would be prohibited from entering the game forever.
Besides, he or she should be banned from playing the game unless he or she was willing to enter China and be absorbed by some independent team.
Reverend Qing Ping was in the game after Zheng Qingping's death.
His brain waves had a deep level of activity after he died.
He did not enter the system to enter the game itself, so he completely avoided the special search of the superpower holder, and slowly integrated with Zheng Qingping's body after entering the game.
Therefore, the system judged that the players were just getting up, and only then could they gradually increase the amount of activity in their brain.
If one were to take out the data at this time, the over 80,000,people's brainpower would have exceeded that of a normal 150-digit number!
However, since the Main System's nickname was confirmed, even if the game master came, he would not be able to change it.
This was the Qingping Spiritual Master's reward.
Zheng Qing was stunned for a while.
What was going on with the conversation in front of him?
It was a very familiar feeling.
Before he met Patriarch Lu, he once saw this thing somewhere...
It must be a game he played online before!
However, he used an LCD image and a mouse to put the keyboard on it, but it was not a virtual space like this.
Recalling the headcover of this corpse, could it be that the virtual reality of his year's dream of only appearing on the YY fantasy wall was beyond his imagination?
If he thought about it carefully, he realized that if he didn't follow in Magistrate Lu's footsteps, he wouldn't have been able to reach the age of thirty.
This year was the 20' controllable years, right?
He couldn't believe that his rate of cultivation was already beyond the average person's, and that his gaming and technology had improved so quickly!
Shaking his head, he was just about to remove his hood when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain.
It seemed like his body had yet to completely fuse with his own soul, and he still felt uncomfortable.
He took in a few deep breaths, looking at the familiar scene in front of him, and his interest in him, which had not appeared for a long time, quietly rose.
Well, let's first infuse the soul with the body to achieve a more harmonious effect.
Before that, I will try to watch this game!
Zheng Qingping found a good solution for his greed and started his strange life as a Cloud Sea.