The King of Hunters

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Cloud Sea World

"Please give a name to your new character." He thought for a moment and used the ID he had played online games with before.
"Glazed Fire." "The setting is successful!
Please adjust the appearance of your new character, and beautify it with 20,percent of the 'beauty standard' that is acknowledged by the world.
Or choose the samples provided by the system to change." "There's no need to change it." Zheng Qingping didn't even think about it.
There was no point in beautifying or ugliness at all for him.
"The system has been set successfully!
Please set the age of your new character to increase or decrease by five according to the age measurement of the world's human body." "This...?
You don't need to change it, do you?" Why did he set the age set?
Zheng Qingping looked at the beautiful virtual with confusion.
"The arrangement is successful!
Please set the height of your new character and increase the height by five centimeters or five centimeters to your own body." "You don't have to change." Zheng Qingping was a little tired of talking so much, so he didn't want to play anymore.
"It's successful!
Please set up a sound line for your new character and connect or extract the system sample based on your own original sound." "Why?
There's no need for that!" A bunch of question marks popped up on Zheng Qingping's head.
"It's a set-up successful!
Player's Veluriyam Fire produces a Basic Points...
A set-up success, a set-up start.
The hidden attributes are ' Charm', 'Luck', 'Daughter'.
It can match up to a single point in the Basic Points.
Do you want to add more points directly, or fight against the System Points?" "Striking points...
that's shrimps?" Zheng Qingping was stunned.
At this moment, a big black bear suddenly appeared beside him and walked over.
Just as he was about to run away, the big black bear stood still.
Suddenly, it raised both hands and moved.
Then, in front of Zheng Qingping, who didn't know what was going on, an elegant swan lake like dance, turned around and lay down, showing the instruction panel on its back.
What a scary display..." Zheng Qingping rolled his eyes at the beautiful girl in front of him, but she still used that reassuring smile to face him.
Zheng Qingping poked the bear with his finger after making sure that it wouldn't be scared by jumping up again.
Then he looked at the picture with ease, and the subtitles said, "The setting of the cloud sea is,Except for the hidden attributes of Charm, Luck, and Perception, the original generated data of players when they enter the game.
The system doesn't coordinate with them when they upgrade and they don't have the addition of traditional points, so the way of playing the game in the cloud sea needs players to explore all aspects themselves..." It also reminded the players that once they were above level 10,in the game, they would drop three levels every time they died, and they would not be sent back to the Novice Village.
They would be sent back to the bind after leaving the time for death.
Besides the players who were kept in the town warehouse or could not drop their equipment, their skills would be dropped randomly, and the skills would not disappear.
They would return to the primary level randomly.
If the death was accumulated three times, the players would disappear from the highest level skills they had learned.
Therefore, no one was willing to be killed in the sea of clouds.
It was hard to practice the skills again, but it was the end of the world without skills.
Zheng Qingping also played many online games in the past, so he naturally knew the importance of playing games to add points and skills.
It also mentioned that, but if you chose to grab points, the situation that you reduce the basic points randomly would appear.
So before you choose whether you want to grab points, the system reminded you about the consequences and situation of the players.
"Okay, count with the system." After reading the explanation, Zheng Qingping, who had a strong gamble, understood the general situation.
He immediately made a bet without saying anything and even said, "As a player, it's useless to gamble!" "Your points are one point now.
If the dice you swing is larger than the player's, you increase it by two points, using the same method.
If you lose compared to the player's points, you lose.
If you lose to the system for the first time, you lose the only point you lose.
But if you fail halfway, your points will increase by 10%% to 20%, which means if you win fourteen points, but fail at the 15,point, you will jump back to seven points to gain points.
If you miss a zero, disappear by yourself.
Players need to stop or after a challenge failed, they can't afford a chance to win again." The beautiful video attendant explained patiently with shallow dimples on her face.
"What do you mean by adding to the system?" Zheng Qingping thought that he should figure out most of the information.
It was not like the computer in previous online games, where players' rights were always taken away.
"You can play the 99,highest dice to pass the challenge.
If you win the first game, you can get one point, and if you win the second dice, you can add another point.
Based on this, at present, the highest score is 13,points, which is what the players of China got after the 12,challenges." "Oh!
play psychological warfare and make use of human greed?
Let's see if you can secretly use magic in the game.
Okay, I'll fight with you.
I've decided to shake the dice.
logged on the dice.
You first!" After ten minutes, Zheng Qingping could not help but laugh out loud as he looked at the completely defeated system service girl in front of him.
That was a total of a hundred points!
He did not expect to still be able to control the dice using the "Five Elemental Transportation" skill in the game, and to be able to win ninety-nine points with just a flip of the dice.
It was as if he had frantically used the " shorter machine" and the "golden fingers" to change the game's original timing, and it was back to the present.
The System Message Messaged, "The number of ribbons has passed thirty-three times!
Because it is the first player to pass the thirty-three checkpoints, the system rewards one hundred thousand yuan of the sea of clouds and sea of clouds." The System's personal tips,"The number of color matches has passed the 66th trial!
Because it is the first player to pass the 66th trial, the System rewards the high-tier immortal equipment, 'Blue Edge Sword'." The system automatically reminded him,"The number of color matches is ninety-nine!
Because it is the first player who has all of his or her points, the system rewards,High-level artifacts.
There is no space limit to store a ring.
It's not allowed to drop or trade.
Now please increase the number of color matches..." "Difficult!
I finally see the magic ring that is necessary in the YY game.
But these 100,points have to be distributed now?" Zheng Qingping looked at the system's waitress giving him an affirmative answer and nodded.
He helplessly spread his hands, "Forget it!
I wanted to get familiar with the game and then allocate some points.
Since you insist, I think it's better to distribute them equally!
Please increase the charm thirty-three points, luck thirty-three, and perception thirty-four." The system's female attendant bowed and sent Zheng Qingping away, who had gradually disappeared into a beam of light.
After seeing that the boy had confirmed that it was going to be done, the system's female attendant suddenly changed her machine-like voice and stiff movements.
She smiled gently and looked at the dice for a long time.
Then, she said with a playful tone, "What a great player!
How did he do it?" Suddenly, she seemed to think of something and her eyes lit up.
"Maybe, he is my fated person!" This free-payment "Yunhai" game was a super-way game developed by dozens of major games at China internal and economic associations.
It could work well and received a lot of good reviews.
The total number of global players had reached 3,billion.
In the civil engineering and public surveillance era, there was also the line master responsible for maintaining management.
When it got online, it had been formally taken over by Yunhai's main computer and two sub-computers.
The rules of the game were made to ensure that the players' physical and mental conditions were normal and that they would not be out of touch with reality.
Each person would use the game's headgear every day and accumulate it by not more than nine hours.
Due to using the high-level sleeping system to fine-tune it, people would achieve the dream of sleeping and playing at the same time as ordinary people.
Moreover, due to the semi-transparent headilluses being very soft and ventilated, the players were not affected by sitting or resting at all.
Hence, the players slowly started to treat this place as their second world to live.
One hour in reality was equivalent to one day in the game.
Thus, after one day of reality, the players could spend nine days in bed like a virtual life.
This would allow more players to participate in the running of this new world and greatly soothe the people's pressurizing spirits.
All the patients with mental apathy could be improved obviously as long as they didn't enter the game for a long time.
In reality, the deaf ears, eyes, limbs, and even the vegetative patient were all born in this world controlled by brain waves.
Therefore, many doctors strongly advised them to join Yun Hai for treatment when facing the patients with dark mental level caused by their diseases.
Other than the public online game mask which cost 5,000,dollars, almost all the players on the market were involved.
Because of the possibility of reaching 99%, the virtual technology bottleneck has been broken over 16,percent of the past five years.
There was no doubt that it had swallowed all the market in the home and country.
As a result, the powerful game players in Europe, the European, and the South, as well as the Indian, all reported the behavior of China's "Yunhai Too" in a group.
This case tried to accuse the Chinese rightly called "Yunhai Tansi".
After the investigation, the government asked the Chineseyun sea authorities to give a clear explanation.
The government did not express any objections, but the host of the case made a announcement, saying that the government ban the Chinese people from playing this game because it was a game that was designed especially for gun design, and it was known to the public from the whole process.
The other things were free, except for the hood.
The players of Yunhai did not choose to play any game or make any promotion.
The players took the initiative to play this game, but it was because the government could not provide any game suitable for players, and it was not created by the Cloud Sea.
Of course, the Cloud Sea also had the eastern region "Sun Land" and the Western region "Moon Land" specially built for foreigners.
The players of the Chinese cloud sea were welcome to enter.
After listening to the cloud, the players of Huaxia were encouraged to participate...
The so-called Land of Sun and the Land of Moon was actually the sub-Regional game area.
Firstly, the size of the space, the NPC, and the design of the sect and monster were only one-tenth of the earth, water, fire, and wind of the four continents.
Secondly, the equipment that could be produced would not exceed the bronze level.
Hence, when players from all over the country reached the tenth level, they were all rushing to pay 500,yuan of the country's credit card in real life to the company's game currency.
Then, they spent 500,yuan to buy the official Chinese learning system and went directly to China by boat.
The cash would be used to transfer the game currency, and the Faults of the banking system in the game.
There would also be an endless stream of tax collected from the game, causing the various countries to become jealous.
Even the old-fashioned wireless network fees of Yunhai Company would not be touched.
The way the hood was separated from the hood was used to send wireless transmission signals on top of the hood.
The military satellite that had been fired from China outside the atmosphere was also reflected to the host of the Chinese's "Cloud Sea".
Therefore, as long as there was a hood, one could play it wherever he hid.
The strong countries in the game did not give a positive answer.
Instead, they received a system notice from the players, which was really annoying!
However, because the economic and armed forces in China were not ordinary, they could no longer use the unfair system of suppressing the weak in the past, or they refused to join forces and send troops to complain.
They had to use some agents to enter the headquarters of Yun Hai to steal secrets or destroy the host's work.
But in the end, these agents disappeared from the human society as the end.
If it was hard, then it could not be soft.
If it was clear, then there was no way to play dirty tricks.
Under the gathering of money, every country's technology began to crack the hood's movements, hoping to destroy the gaming balance and paralyzing the main computer's homework.
This time, they failed again.
The main computer Yunhai's exceptional performance not only blocked all of the invasion signals, but also allowed the cover that was trying to use his foot to completely operate, to become a useless sleep dollars, never to be repaired again.
If they wanted to break it again, please pay for something else to buy.
The neighboring countries were in despair.
They wanted to share their shares again through Guanlian.
Unfortunately, several of the major game companies developed by Yunhai's cooperation revealed that the major shareholders were the country's development of the Provincial Council of Education and Education.
This was actually a state-owned business in China, which did not allow other countries to intervene.
At this point in time, there was no turning back.
It was obvious that China's not giving in to the situation, declared that the people's livelihood in China was no longer like in the 19th or the 21st century.
Being threatened by other countries in the world, other countries could not get any benefit from China easily.
There was no way to steal profits from other countries.
They began to force their people not to play games, using intimidation, supported, rewards, and violence, with various methods such as demonstration, virus, bombing China websites, burning China's national flag in various big cities and so on.
But slowly, when the heat died out, they found that their players had secretly entered the game again.
Not long later, it turned into a large number of players asking the government for compensation because they had to respond to the government's loss during the game time.
A game defeated the army of the United Nations.
The whole process of Chinese selection in the game was simple and crude, turning Chinese into the most powerful language in the world.
There were even some players who opened up Chinese tutoring classes in the game to teach foreigners.
They made a lot of money.
With a flash of white light, the colored glaze flame was randomly transmitted to one of the No.
1,Novice Villages.
In the Novice Village, everyone was equipped with a small-scale winged elf.
The male player sent a female player while the female player was accompanied by the male player.
The female player would accompany the player until the player left the city or reached level 10.
The system automatically started to retrieve the elves at the moment when they reached the requirement.
This set-up made many girls and love elves quite dissatisfied.
Some people especially stayed in the Novice Village to stay with the elves.
They would not practice their skills outside the village.
The newly arrived Glazed Fire put in a lot of effort and tried to converse with the little Elves.
He also clumsily followed the instructions of the little Novice Elf to learn the mental state version of the system.
Under the guidance of the little Elves, he put 100,000,Coins and the Blue Edge Sword into the ring and then practiced the operation of the game's personal skill.
Other than not understanding how to call out and use the user's optical window at the start, he gradually got the experience and was even more interested in the next part of the research.
After all, when he had been subdued by Patriarch Lu Dongbin at the age of sixteen, he had been a game-breaker.
His acceptance of new things was fairly high as well.
This was precisely the reason why he had been able to constantly study on the path of cultivation, allowing him to grow by leaps and bounds in the form of a heavenly horse soaring through the air.
Although right now, all he wanted was to reach an agreement with Patriarch Lu as soon as possible and return him to his freedom...