The King of Hunters

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The Immortal Law Breaks Through the Inte

The simulation of feeling in the Yunhai game was about 20% to 30% of the sense of pain, while nearly 100% of the sense of touch, the vision, the taste, and the smell.
This was another technology civilization that surprised Zheng Qingping.
How could he have these things in his time?
In the game, it also emphasized on the punishment for the suicide.
After all, in the game, there was a habit of suicide to avoid fighting or avoiding the bad environment.
It was not allowed.
The suicide victim would receive a similar punishment of the same pain as the reality.
In addition, if the shooter was forced to delete the character, the player must stop the account for five days to create a new role.
The items that deleted the character could not be kept and the deposit was half of it.
Zheng Qingping, who used to be a trash in the mortal world, had already sold out all the leftovers of the warehouse when he first deleted his account, so now the Veluriyam Fire was all over the place.
When the user of the Veluriyam Fire focused on solving all the game processes, he was greatly surprised at the design of the sleeping system,nine hours passed nine days?
Wasn't that another person?
The Glazed Fire looked curiously at the dancing elf beside him.
"Kid, what are we going to do next?" The beautiful elf beauty seemed to have a special affection for him and was different from the usual fixed, mechanical smile.
The little elf in front of him would continue to flatter him.
She would blink at him, or wave her wings lightly and stop at the tip of his nose.
She answer his various questions wittily, "Now?
Because my master already has 100,000,Coins, there's no need for me to learn skills like other players.
I can first go to the Practice Room to learn basic combat.
After that, I can circle around the streets and after I'm familiar with everything on the streets, I can go out of the city to travel the jianghu, accept missions, train level, seek fame, establish a Gang Meeting, siege, national war..." The little elf gave a subtle answer to him in an ambiguous manner, causing him to itch.
He pinched her with his right hand and lifted her up.
"Thank you!
I don't have a hobby of being a child.
Also, you're talking too much.
Stop!" Glazed Fire stretched out its left hand and covered the little elf's mouth with the tip of her index finger.
"I'm faster myself." According to what the little elven just said, the colored glaze fire went around groups of newcomers and followed the signs to the practice room of the little guy.
There were only basic sword skills, basic saber skills, basic fist skills, basic leg skills, basic internal strength, basic body skills, basic archery, and basic shooting skills.
There were also some basic weapons prepared by the system beside each Martial Mentor.
After paying 100,yuan, the Martial Mentor would give one to you.
The Glazed Fire followed the diagram and came to the front of the basic sword skill practitioner.
After spending a hundred coins, it bowed slightly, "Sorry to trouble you, I want to practice the basic sword skill." Following that, he excitedly received the wooden sword from the practitioner's hands.
Under the encouragement of the little Elves, Glazed Fire began to practice.
Time passed slowly.
He had learned the basic sword skills for half a day.
With his amazing luck and comprehension ability, a white light shone on him.
He said, "Congratulations, player!
You've reached level 10,by using the Glazed Fire.
Your basic sword skills have reached the Big Achievement Realm!" "Ah!
That's it!
There's no need to add anything." The Glazed Fire, which she had just learned, almost fell down.
In the sea of clouds, leveling up was not a point.
Most people paid more attention to the list of power and fame.
The fame list was made by the equipment and weapons of the integrated players.
Besides, the player's basic ability plus skills' power was calculated by the system.
It could automatically calculate whether he or she would enter the list or not.
The fame list was forced to enter the list.
The higher the level of the player's task was, the more tasks he or she would be able to finish.
The higher the fame points were, the more tasks the player would finish.
It also represented a certain ability and power.
Of course, if players deliberately PK others, attack mission-type NPCs, or harass male players, it would cause them to lose their reputation, which was the red name.
Once the red name reached the city, it would be banned from entering the city and chased away by the guards at the city gate.
The system would send out an arrest document when the time was too high, inviting mercenary players or system to set different Contracts to chase and kill.
In the PK arena of the city, a friendship PK remained a good-for-nothing, but on other occasions, when two players died in a PK, it would drop by 3,levels and remain unchanged.
If one killed a famous player, he or she would gain 10,reputations.
If the player's points were lower than 10,points, he or she could kill five players with a higher red name and lose his or her popularity.
In fact, most of the players were clear about the level, which was not the decisive factor in improving the player's ability.
In the sea of clouds, upgrading meant that you could accept different tasks through breaking the limits of different levels.
It was probably the basic ability identification, but the degree of proficiency of the skills was really important.
As long as the skill was proficient, the low-level players could easily kill the high-level players.
Of course, the level and fame also represented a certain strength.
For example, if the player wanted to join the Jian Clan to complete the task of the token, there was no limit to the number of the battle value.
But the player needed to reach level 150,and personal fame of more than 50,000.
In this way, the player needed to learn skills, understand the tasks, and constantly break through the levels before establishing a gang.
After checking whether the relevant information was relevant or not on the forum, the Glazed Fire squatted in the house of the martial arts field and pondered for a long time.
It occurred to him that although the basic swordsmanship was boring, it was indeed the most basic move in martial arts and was also regarded as a kind of skill, that was to say, this game was compatible and realistic with martial arts masters.
If he could use the kung fu he had originally practiced here, he would be very handsome.
He had a special feeling about swords, which made him think about it in his mind.
The wooden sword in his hand also began to dance the moves that Lu Dongbin taught him.
A surge of warmth rose in his heart, as if he had grasped some inspiration.
Suddenly, the system's individual voice rang out again, "Congratulations, player, Glazed Fire!
You've comprehended the hidden sword skill of the system with your extraordinary comprehension.
Please name your new sword skill." "Ah?
You can really do that!
Don't you become a rubbish game if you level up and comprehend it in such a hurry?" Liuli Fire was pleased for a moment and lowered its head to think, "Well!
Let's call it Pure Yang Swordsmanship.
Even if my master boss knows this in the future, you can still flatter me." "Congratulations on your self-comprehending of the high-level sword skill Pure Yang Swordsmanship.
You can use the sword skill to launch a small-scale attack.
Players can also teach it to others after reaching the ' Dacheng' level." In fact, learning skills was not as easy as what Glazed Fire thought, because its own "comprehending" value was too abnormal and no one could compare with it.
Yun Hai's martial arts design could not be easily used by players to get the superpower or martial arts in real life middle school.
The key to learning martial arts was to combine all kinds of special data as the final judgment.
If the other gamers of the sea of clouds knew that the colored glaze fire could comprehend moves, they would catch and dissect him.
To comprehend sword art within a day was simply inconceivable.
In addition to basic martial arts, other work must be taken care of by one's master or mission.
Unless one's comprehension was high and lucky enough, it was almost impossible for players to comprehend other Kung Fu by themselves.
After all, if the space was full of junk martial arts created by players, it was better to let the system collect all the Chinese martial arts as the foundation for the game.
This was the only insistence of General Manager Liu, an authentic Shaolin disciple, who was in charge of Yun Hai's research and development.
The Glazed Fire was able to master the major level of basic sword art within a day.
It was determined by the system to be a talent with a high comprehension and good luck.
With the help of a few moves of the Eight Immortal Swordsmanship and a few abnormal points, it was easily able to break through the system fence.
It was just like the predecessor Zhang Sanfeng, who had a solid Nine Yang Divine Skill and Shaolin Kungfu.
With the help of extraordinary comprehension and luck, he was able to comprehend the martial art "Tai Chi Fist" from the heaven and earth through the clouds.
The system's notification sounded at this moment,"The conditions meet the requirements of leaving the city.
The system will force the player to collect the player, the Glazed Fire, a small spirit.
I wish the player a happy life in the sea of clouds." The Glazed Fire was shocked.
Looking at the little elf who was unable to leave, it cried, "Kid, you are going to be recycled by the system like this?" The elf nodded, looked at him with red eyes and replied, "There is no other way.
This is the rule of the Creation God.
If a player has a certain skill that reaches the Dacheng stage, or wants to finish the novice training and leave the city, we must obediently return to the side of the Creation God and wait for the next master to appear." The little elf's reverential expression made the Glazed Flame feel a little disappointed.
Ever since he had been forced into the mountains by Lu Dongbin to cultivate at the age of sixteen, ever since he had begun his actualization at the age of twenty, all the demons he had encountered in the past were either the Shangxian that came to give him advice or the fairies that he could not touch, who would suffer by chance.
The demons that accompanied him to complete their merit and the monsters that awaited him.
It had been a very, very long time since any of his friends had been keeping him company.
"Can't you stay?" After the Glazed Fire finished speaking, he was also shocked.
could it be a sign that he had a child-love habit?
The little elf shook her head with a face full of attachment, "No, unless the Creators allow it.
But if you have a way, I am willing to cooperate!" The high attraction of the colored glaze fire drove the little elf to have a true attachment to the colored glaze fire, but it didn't know that this would cause big trouble instead.
Seeing the white light on the little elf, the colored glaze fire had no time to consider.
At this urgent moment, he stretched out his palms to hold the little elf and recited the spell silently, "The essence of the world, the essence of all spells, the spirit of the palm, the spirit of locking the object...
Fast!" After a burst of light, the little elf was actually sealed in his right palm by the magic spell, leaving a bright round dot.
It can really be sealed, chickenwire!
I'm really a genius..." The colored glaze fire was extremely cool, "You succeeded in carrying the five elements and even using the Devil Sealing Spell.
I don't know if there are any other 'golden fingers' that can be used.
Oh, right!
Kid, I'll give you a name, and call it Yazhao!" At this time, the Yun Hai's mainly logical alert sent out a warning,"The error of the system, starting the wrong investigation...
There is no problem.
There is a change-born elf dislocation in the Novice Village of the Land of Earth.
Player ID,colored glass fire, deleted and reborn player, organizes Elf's No.
0.38, blood six six five five four one, the smash begins...
022,28,self four four four four one is confirmed not to be in the Novice Village, continue tracking..." He didn't know that the Glazed Fire was now targeted by the main computer, but he still smiled and touched the bright spot in his palm.
He swaggered to the central square marked by the system tips.
He spent 100,Yunhai currency to buy five buns that could replenish a little strength.
He also ate one to replenish his strength, and the other four rings were reserved in the unlimited storage space.
The design in the sea of clouds allowed not to eat.
The only difference was that the players would feel hungry, and the further they went hungry, the slower they would move.
They had to eat at least once every three days, otherwise, their speed would turn into that of a turtle.
If you wanted to eat something, you could go to a player's shop to replenish it, or you could hunt for food in the wild to satiate your hunger.
But if you wanted to eat something, you could choose anything, no matter it was fruits or wild animals.
Players did not have to have a stomach or need settings of different sizes.
Zheng Qingping had been used to it, but this was a game, so he had to eat a bun for a purpose.
After eating the bun, he turned around and went back to the training room.
He spent four days and six hundred and fifty coins.
Relying on the perception and luck of no one in the past or in the future, he practiced all the basic saber techniques, basic fist techniques, basic leg techniques, basic internal strength, basic body movements, basic body movements, basic spear skills, basic archery, and so on until he reached the Big Achievement Realm.
He left the training room in satisfaction.
And the super high comprehension and luck brought him, "Congratulations to players for comprehending the advanced Qinggong!
Please name it." "It's called the 'Moon-riding Fragrance'." This was the light body kung fu that the Glazed Fire had practiced before.
"The Moon-treading Aroma, a high-level Lightness Skill.
In the initial stage, it can be taught to others after you succeed in practicing it." "...Congratulations, player, for comprehending the advanced Internal Strength!
Please name it." "It's called 'Xuan Yang True Qi'!" At this moment, the Glazed Fire was so happy that it wanted to light the national light fireworks.
"Dark Yang Genuine Qi, high-level Yang Internal Strength.
Initial-stage and can be imparted to others after the completion." "Eh?" The Veluriyam Fire calculated, "In that case, don't I have three skills that can be taught to others?
If I become a martial arts coach in the future, won't I be defeated?" The colored glaze fire, which had just checked the relevant information in the game, was very clear, but the skills it taught were very rare.
Generally speaking, as long as the skill book obtained by breaking the task or being apprenticed, as long as the skill book was crushed and mastered, it could no longer teach the second person.
Now there were three gold-sucking machines in his hands.
The mouth of the colored glaze fire began to gradually expand into a curved shape, and the mouth was more and more wide and bigger.
The colored glaze fire with joy immediately opened the online forum again and carefully examined it.
There were no players posting posts to others in the Yunhai game after two years of operation.
It suddenly dawned on him that even if others also had this skill, they did not publicize it.
He closed his mouth without thinking twice, lest other people discover it and complain about injustice to the system.
The Veluriyam Fire took a look and saw that there were a few novice missions that were written on the notice in front of the public square.
It was no different from the task of chopping the small turtle beside the village and giving the 200,turtle shells to the NPC.
Sometimes, it would even catch small mice at the village head's house.
The Veluriyam Fire was not soft on this kind of NPC monster.
The skills that it had just learned could be practiced with skill proficiency.
It came to the pool beside the entrance of the village.
By the pool, there were a large number of Turtle Soldiers and a large group of newbies.
Before they had officially left the village, the newbies were not allowed to form a team.
The purpose of this game was to let the newbies learn how individual fights quickly so that they would not become fighting idiots after leaving the village.
Moreover, faced with this kind of slow and cute monster that didn't want to fight back, no one had the face to form a team to hit them, right?
With a smile, the Glazed Fire used its Lightness Skill, the Wafting Moon Fragrance.
With a wave of its wooden sword, which would never wear or wear in the Novice Village, it began to knock on the turtle shell.
These turtles' refreshing speed was extremely fast.
With the wooden sword, one would be able to hang on to a piece of the basic sword skill at one time.
With the cooperation of the Pure Yang sword skill, one sword move would be able to hang on 14,or 15,at the same time, increasing the proficiency of the sword move.
As he thought about this game and the exhaust pipe of his immortal skill, he also thought about how to improve the skills on his body.
He was not distracted and started to run his Mysterious Yang True Qi.
The unique feature of Mysterious Yang True Qi was that it could strengthen one's mental energy at the same time.
When one's True Qi was completely used up, the Glazed Fire would use the most basic stab and hack to kill.
After making the True Qi return slowly, one would continue to train their moves as hard as they could.
Without them realizing it, their speed was increasing.
Their lives were all set, but the number of meridians that his True Qi worth was gradually increasing.
Occasionally, there would be 'Ding' sounds, but one would not pay too much attention to them.
The Glazed Fire was so focused on practicing it.
Fortunately, he was using the novice wooden sword to attack.
Although it only added that pitiful points, it would never damage the newbie village.
If it were any other swords, other than divine artifacts and high-grade immortal artifacts, the difference in the durability of the swords would only be reflected on how far they could go.
He didn't know how long he had been fighting, but suddenly, he heard three consecutive "Ding!
Ding!" sounds, waking up the Glazed Fire.
He looked at the empty pool bank before he had time to refresh the turtle.
There were also a large group of players looking at him in discontent and panic.
Only then did the Glazed Fire discover that he had entered a realm of "Day Dream" for who knew how long.
After it forgot how much time had been spent, it actually killed all the turtles and didn't even have the time to recreate the system.
The System Message Messaged, "Blazed Fire, upgrade!
Current level 23.
Pure Yang Swordsmanship upgraded to the advanced level!
Waisting Moon Fragrance upgraded to the advanced level!
Mystic Yang True Qi promoted to the intermediate level!" It was unexpected that this turtle with little experience could use so many skills.
How long had he used them?
The Glazed Fire immediately shouted out of the window and was shocked.
Three days had passed.
No wonder it felt hungry.
It quickly took out a few steamed buns and stuffed them.
Looking at a group of new players who were dissatisfied with it, it smiled with embarrassment and quickly ran its Lightness Skill to the square.