The King of Hunters

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Spiritual Law Breaking into an online ga

"Seriously, he's here to take out a treasure of skills!" "That's right, he's even wearing a newbie suit on purpose!" "What level is he at now?" "It's not that I'm bragging.
He's practiced his sword art so well that he can kill a man in one movement.
His Lightness Skill is so fast that we can only see a flash of white light.
He's at least at level 150!" "Nonsense!
There are no 150th-level players in the Novice Village!
which sect does that sword skill belong to?
Why is it so fierce?" "I guess it should be Ye Gucheng's Heavenly Fairy!
Otherwise, it would be the Exorcism Sword Technique of the Lin Family's trap." "Really?
How did you know?" "Just say it's just a guess!" "Nonsense!
It's impossible for such skills to appear in the Novice Village, and no one can reach level 150!" "Well...
then his father must be the senior director of Yunhai Company!" At this time, the Glazed Fire, which had been running all the way, suddenly noticed a relatively different message, "Black Yang True Qi, medium level." The better internal strength could not be achieved quickly, but the Glazed Fire had unintentionally upgraded this system's hidden abnormal comprehension of internal strength.
His mood was really high.
He learned from the materials he had found that the combat skills in Cloud Sea were just basic moves, while the mid to low-level martial arts skills must be learnt through missions or by purchase secret manuals from martial arts schools.
Most of the skills must be learnt in the sect.
And the high-level skills must be learnt by some special adventure.
The probability of self-enlightenment of high-level kung fu was smaller than the chance of being struck by lightning, but the chance of encountering the Glazed Fire which had been really struck by lightning was higher than that of people...
After taking a look at the magic rings within the boundless storage space, other than the buns, there were also countless tortoise shells.
The number of tortoise shells was so large that it was explosive.
He immediately handed the turtle shells over to the Quest NPC standing in the plaza and obtained three points of fame.
The remaining turtle shells that could be used to fill the ocean were also exchanged for money with the merchant's NPC.
With this exchange, he actually managed to earn 90,000,taels of silver.
This was truly a windfall for Glazed Fire Heart!
But if there was not a huge space ring with ordinary novice storage bags, the poor 20,boxes only contained 20,pieces at a time.
It would be difficult for ordinary people to be patient, let alone for a long time.
Besides, players were not allowed to enter the Novice Village after they left the village, so no one would make money like this.
The lucky glazing fire just took a lot of money.
It was already night in the game after he got 90,000,yuan and the identification book that could cultivate life skills.
Looking at the dreamy sky, he could not help but sigh that the wisdom of human beings was really beyond measure.
It was too much to play games like this, especially now that he still had 90,000,yuan on him.
That feeling was really good.
However, after returning to the real world, the Glazed Fire was still a little worried about the situation of its body.
He smiled at the night sky in the game for a while, and after saying goodbye to the sleeping elf in his hand, he went out of the sea of clouds.
It's really an interesting game." Zheng Qingping took off his hood and slowly transferred his True Qi to the whole body.
After running for a week, he digested the information of the landlord by the way and used his inner vision to scan the surroundings.
Then he stood up and walked out of the room.
He walked around in the circle and came to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror.
By the way, he could take a look at the appearance of the new shell.
"Why is your body in the smell of alcohol?" Zheng Qing sipped his nose and took off his shirt and pants.
He wet his hair and said, "Yes!
Your hair has been bald for too long!" Dissatisfied, he drew on his True Qi to push his head up the front door.
In an instant, his hair stood up like a steel wire, covering his mouth and mouth with the spell.
He waved his hands over his head, and threads of hair fell from the air.
In an instant, the long hair on his head turned into a spirited flat top.
"There's still some loose True Qi left.
The lightning from heaven's tribulation is indeed terrifying and weak!
However, I didn't expect that during the game, the injured spirit would improve a little.
Looks like I can make more use of it in the future.
I'll just use the Gnag to deal with the ghosts in the game!" Inadvertently, Zheng Qingping discovered the great advantage of playing this game.
Looking at himself in the mirror, he could reluctantly accept it, but his face was somewhat frivolous and funny.
He took a deep breath, and the awe-inspiring righteousness was raised from his Dantian.
"Ho!" With a sound, a puff of black air was forced out of his body and slowly dissipated in the air.
At this time, Zheng Qingping's eyebrows had turned into a handsome appearance, without any trace of profligate.
It was almost five o'clock when they finished showering.
The morning sun in summer came out of the darkness.
As a semi-immortal, Zheng Qingping began to feel a little hungry.
But it was natural for him to think about it.
He hadn't gone through strict training, so naturally, he couldn't use Taoism's speciality and smoke-pulled food as before.
Fortunately, he was able to cook a dozen years ago, so it was easy for him to cook.
Thinking about the past, he had to cook for the brothers and sisters of the orphanage every day!
Even when some guests visited, he had to serve as a chef and made all kinds of delicious dishes to stand up for the dean...
"Oh, the floor is a little dirty.
Let's wipe it by the way.
Just take it as a exercise." Zheng Qingping rolled up his sleeves and smiled as he looked at the room that needed to be tidied up.
At seven o'clock in the morning, Zheng Hongyi and Zheng Ziyan, who were in charge of the class, went to wash the washroom in the room.
When they walked out of the room, they saw the clean living room and the floor.
They rubbed their eyes and wondered if they had gone to the wrong place.
Then, a shocking picture appeared!
Zheng Qingping's brother, known as trash of the human world, actually wore a flat hair and plain clothes.
He walked out of the kitchen with a dish that had just been cooked in his hand.
Looking at the two who were stunned at the door of the room, Zheng Qingping smiled and greeted them.
Dear sisters, are you awake?
Come on, come on, eat while you're hot.
We're going to have classes later!" The two sisters felt that the situation in front of them was too bizarre.
They couldn't help but step back a little.
They were suddenly scared by Zheng Qingping's head.
He was always a long-ribbon and handsome man, but he was a draw?
It was a draw!
Since the two sisters knew him, he had always been more than 10,centimeters long.
What had happened today?
Did the internet baby alien invade the earth?
In their cognition, this chick never wore the same color of clothes.
It was so beautiful.
But today, it was a plain color dress, so the two sisters were dizzy again.
Also, ever since the death of his parents, Zheng Qingping had been free from his ban.
He slept until nearly eight o'clock every day, and then he was late for school and would be punished to stand at the station.
At the end of the week, he would definitely sleep until two o'clock in the afternoon.
It was almost the time.
When the meal came, he opened his mouth.
When the tea arrived, he personally cooked breakfast for them and cleaned the house with a spotless.
Were the two sisters almost unable to stand up...
Zheng Qingping filled the bowls with rice one after another and then went into the kitchen to wash his hands.
He didn't forget to extend his head and said, "Hey, sisters, what are you guys doing there?
Eat!" The most incredible thing was that the expression on Zheng Qing's face changed from a wretched look to an elegant and handsome scholar.
When he spoke, his tone showed an majesty that would not be pecked.
The two sisters were stunned and began to sit down in a daze.
Zheng Hongyi,Zheng Hongyi, second grade in the clothing design department of the university,Consultative centimeters, 50,kilograms.
She had a good figure and a good face.
Her grades were above average.
Zheng Qingping's eldest daughter was adopted by an orphanage.
Since her parents passed away in a car accident two years ago, Zheng Hongyi took the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister and younger brother.
She attended class during the day and worked as a tailor in Yunhai at night to earn money to compensate for the family.
Zheng Qingping's attitude,"It's hopeless.
But I can't do anything to him.
I know that Zheng Qingping has been constantly accepting him because of his inferior family background." Zheng Ziyan,The second grade of Chang'an Middle School.
165,centimeters, 45kg.
She was more beautiful than Zheng Hongyi.
She also had excellent grades.
She was also good at sports.
Zheng Qingping recognized his foster daughter.
She was also in the same school with Zheng Qingping.
She was a well-known figure in the school.
Because she participated in the singing contest in the public TV station, she won a victory.
Therefore, she was quite famous.
She also signed a contract with the city guards in the four major cities in Yunhai.
She was a famous singer in the city.
The attitude towards Zheng Qingping,disgust...
extreme disgust!
Ever since he was in high school, he had hated Zheng Qingping very much.
He would never treat him kindly.
Zheng Qing calmly sat down and smiled at them.
"Please eat.
I'll eat first if you don't want to eat!" The sisters looked at each other with smiling faces.
They looked at each other for a long time.
Zheng Qingping just smiled and began to eat with chopsticks.
Zheng Ziyan was even more surprised when she saw that he didn't put medicine in the food and didn't spit it out.
"Something must have happened to this scumbag.
He must be out of his mind.
Otherwise, he would have been dumped by a woman..." The confusion in his belly was revealed on her pretty face.
Zheng Qingping seemed to notice what she was thinking.
He raised his head and said with a smile, "Don't worry.
I'm normal.
I didn't put medicine in the food.
I just made a dish and changed the shape.
Eat it!"