The King of Hunters

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Elf and Genius

Zheng Ziyan froze on the spot.
Once again, she was shocked by her second brother's outfit.
Because it was not forbidden to wear casual clothes in school, Zheng Qingping, who was always coquetted, appeared like a member of a flower society.
The makeup on his face was usually thicker than a girl's.
It was said that "the school beauty's elder brother is a joke".
This was a well-known saying in the middle school of the city.
Hence, Zheng Ziyan never went to school with him.
She was usually escorted by a personal guard group consisting of her male fans and male fans.
But this morning, Zheng Qingping said casually, "Let's go, my little sister." Zheng Ziyan unconsciously followed him, and she also followed him in a silly way.
Now, the plain-looking Zheng Qingping gave off a fairy-like aura from his bones, which made Zheng Ziyan's members of the personal guard group not notice.
This person in front of them was the trash they hated the most.
They all made speculations about the handsome man who suddenly appeared next to Zheng Ziyan.
Zheng Qingping, who was full of Spiritual Qi, missed his student life so much.
During his days under the teaching of Lyu Ancestor, not only did he have to be whipped at all, but he also had to improve himself all the time without slacking off.
He didn't enjoy the pleasure of study at all, which made him bored for a long time.
Now that his Original Spirit was damaged, he could only rely on the repair of time little by little.
Instead of doing that, it was better to let go.
Anyway, he was injured so badly that his master couldn't find him to carry out tasks anymore.
He was really happy, so he decided to start living the life as a student that he had forgotten for a long time!
With his eighth sense and Tutou Official's information, Zheng Qingping, who was dressed in light clothes, came to the gate of the Municipal Middle School, which was not far from his home, with Zheng Ziyan, who was full of questions.
In the suspicion of the fans of the "Purple Smoke Bodyguard Group", he told Zheng Ziyan, who was constantly checking whether he was really crazy, that Zheng Ziyan was going to meet her.
Zheng Qingping passed through long corridors one after another and sent email to inform her of the location of Class 1,of Three Years in this year.
From Zheng Qingping's academic performance in the previous class, he was absolutely impossible to enter the previous class 10.
The branch homework of the city-setting middle school had always been "taking talent" and "taking wealth".
Zheng Qingping's grades were never very high and his family was not very rich.
It was clear that he could only register in the class after Class 10.
When he accidentally skipped class and jumped over the wall last semester, he stepped on the freshmen roof of the new car that the dean placed on the side of the road.
Although he got nothing with stolen goods, he was automatically listed as the biggest suspect by the dean due to the absence of evidence.
Hence, Zheng Qingping hated Zheng Qingping to the core.
Class 1,of three years was a well-deserved class of nobility.
In this way, Zheng Qingping was thrown into the most luxurious class by the dean of studies and tricks behind his back.
Because since the fifth year of education reform, schools were strictly restricted in all levels according to the rules of education and no discrimination.
Students were not allowed to be expelled, stopped, or expelled from school due to major violations of the education system.
The dean couldn't think of any way to solve this problem, so he came up with this idea.
He hoped that the four beautiful girls with strong backgrounds in the class, as well as the most influential figures in the school, could help him kick away Zheng Qingping's painting.
Suddenly, a handsome man in plain clothes walked through the door.
This was the first class of three years, where a large group of enthusiastic older students and freshmen were walking in.
The volume of their voices had obviously decreased significantly.
In an instant, many girls' hearts thumped.
Most of the students frowned.
No one could figure out which one of the students had a descendent in the university that they didn't know.
There were 49,students in the whole class, who were divided into seven lines.
Under the close-eyed gaze, Zheng Qingping quietly walked to the fourth row, where his number was located.
This was also a plum seat specially made by the dean.
All around him were top beauties of his class.
For the lecherous Zheng Qingping, he couldn't say for sure if he didn't commit a crime.
Zheng Qingping sat down as he sensed the odd gaze and smiled nonchalantly.
The girls beside him who had been interested in him immediately looked disgusted.
The boys heaved a sigh of relief and swept their gaze disdainfully at him.
Everyone knew who the number was.
it's a trash from the human world who reported it." Since he had used an extremely difficult "body incarnation" in the morning to transform himself into three people, Zheng Qingping quickly browsed through all the information he had on the courses at home and on the internet.
He had completely absorbed the changes that had taken place over the past ten years through deep meditation through a secret method.
He was extremely attentive to it and was attached to his studenthood as he did so.
However, he was not a true immortal and his Original Spirit was not damaged so he had spent quite a lot of time using high-level techniques like "body incarnation".
Therefore, before he could rest, he made a casual pose, pressed his left hand against his cheek and closed his eyes while in a sleep mode.
He then used the Immortal breathing technique to slowly transform his body that was now in front of him.
While his meridians were naturally expanded, he also slowly curled up all the energy in his body.
The flavor of the school, the feeling of learning, the conversations between classmates and the teaching of teachers made him recall the feeling of his class in the past, the sunshine, the laughter, the first love of the students, and the group of best friends.
It was beyond everyone's imagination...
including the Dean of Academic Office.
Zheng Qingping studied very hard in the morning, and he didn't say a word when he was off class.
From his expression, everyone could tell that he was enjoying it very much.
During lunchtime, the female students who hated Zheng Qingping had changed a lot when they saw him.
Although under the instruction of the dean, "not particularly obvious", every teacher had to ask Zheng Qingping to answer more than one question, which was more difficult than his age, Zheng Qingping was able to deal with it easily.
When answering questions, Zheng Qingping could easily get to the point of his teacher's question.
He made a perfect and systematic presentation, and his calm attitude made many people who wanted to see him make fun of him very surprised.
Coupled with his unique temperament as a cultivator, many girls were moved.
As the cultivator's breathing method gave off a unique natural fragrance from time to time, the girls sitting on the four sides of the seats had been looking for this fragrance, which was like Deepvalley Lanzhi.
In the end, someone finally found out that it was Zheng Qingping.
A female student of an international perfume company in her home had a rest with her eyes closed while Zheng Qingping was closing.
She walked over and sniffed for a long time.
Her face changed and she was shocked and cried out, "How can it be a body fragrance, not perfume?" A bunch of female classmates almost fainted!
How could a girl with a fragrant constitution appear in the body of a boy?
Zheng Qingping, who was awakened by the noise, opened his eyes and saw their surprised and envious eyes.
Without saying anything, he just smiled and nodded, then continued to close his eyes and rest.
"Is he really trash of the human world?
It's completely different from the rumors.
With such strong strength, no wonder he could be promoted to our class." Lin Fengzhi leaned over the table and blinked her beautiful eyes at him.
She was very surprised at the extensive knowledge of this boy.
For her, who was about to be the first university in China, she felt that the teachers asked those difficult questions in the morning contrary to those that she had asked before.
She also thought that she could not answer them as frivolously as Zheng Qingping.
This feeling gave her a mysterious feeling to this trash beside her.
In fact, she was very indignant at the beginning when Zheng Qingping was arranged to sit next to her.
When the other three female classmates were arranged to surround the garbage of the human world into plum blossoms, she was very angry.
Why would the school make such an absurd decision?
Yesterday, when she heard from her friends that Zheng Qingping's name had been mentioned, there were only bad reputation and all kinds of bad things.
Not a single thing was a good thing.
Why did the school deliberately put her beside such a person?
Wasn't it deliberately embarrassing?
As a result, three of the girls, who had no contact with each other in the beginning, appeared in front of the dean at the same time.
When the dean and the dean had intended to strongly protest and arrange this meeting, they couldn't say anything.
Although they had been in the same class for two years, the three of them also had their own circle and were the most famous beautiful girls in their school.
Unexpectedly, the same thing happened to them at the same time, which made them a little bit competitive.
Under the circumstance that no one wanted to be ahead of others to show endless tolerance, the dean had escaped the questioning and let Zheng Qingping land safely in the flowers.
The dean threw Zheng Qingping among the four beauties, hoping that they could teach him a lesson in a high-quality way.
He hoped that he could treat them politely and drop out of school.
He also wanted to let Zheng Qingping's delicate girls be judged by the parents.
However, something unexpected happened!
Every teacher in the class had a very good reputation for Zheng Qingping.
The four super girls had nothing to do with him.
They even nodded at Zheng Qingping's performance, which stunned the dean who had been peeping at him behind the door for a long time.
"No, Guan Feng.
We'll make a fool of ourselves in the future." The dean comforted himself in such a way.
One day's classes had passed.
Zheng Qingping stretched lazily and walked to the door of the classroom.
He was going to walk home slowly.
At this time, as if it had been planned before, a few people came from outside quickly and surrounded him with evil intentions.
Zheng Qingping was a little stunned.
He watched them searching for the information in the head.
From the Eighth Awareness, he knew that these people were called Zhao Zihong, Hu Qianyan, Qian Dele, and Jin Yao.
They were all rogues at school who had been looking for trouble with Zheng Qingping since the first year of their grade.
In the past two years, Zheng Qingping had been working with them in Class 12,and had been taken care of by them many times.
The four men, who were more than 170,centimeters tall, surrounded Zheng Qingping, which made them seem quite abrupt.
They found that there was a stir at the back door.
Some girls in the class, who had a good impression of Zheng Qingping, began to be nervous about him.
Lin Fengzhi and others also noticed him, but they just watched quietly to see what reaction of this new student.
"It's better to teach them a lesson.
These people are so arrogant and bully the weak." Zheng Qingping quickly swept through the past consciousness of the body and thought to himself.
You've got such a great job in the legend!
Did you come in by Samuume?
Why do you still care about this short bird's nest...
How dare you wear this dress?" Zhao Zihong stood in the front, and she was also the leader of this group of people who usually bullied others.
Zheng Qingping looked at him and said with a smile, "What's the matter, my classmate?" Zhao Zihong smiled and said, "Not bad, you dare to talk like this.
Now you even forgot the rule of paying protection fees every time you see us?
Arrogant!" As they spoke, the four people began to take liberties with him as before, and were ready to hold his hand to the side.
Zheng Qingping smiled slightly and left faint afterimages in the air as if his fingers were moving.
The four people's movements immediately froze on the spot.
Zhao Zihong and the others were about to put Zheng Qing to a corner for a good fight.
They only felt that their chests were numb and they couldn't move at all.
They didn't know what had happened and wanted to swear, but they couldn't open their mouths.
They could only scream there.
Lin Fengzhi's expression changed slightly, as if she had seen through something.
The other three ex-girlfriends were stunned.
Zheng Qingping smiled and said, "I have to go now.
If there's nothing else, we'd better not meet in the future." As soon as she finished speaking, the four of them, who were standing still on the spot, walked out of the classroom in a sloppy manner.
It was not until an hour later that the four, who were stiff, trembled with sadness.
They collapsed and rushed to deal with the situation after hearing the news.
But they didn't know what to do.
The Miss of the health care room was scared to death.
Zheng Qingping prepared the dinner and let the two sisters who were stunned to eat a delicious meal.
He didn't explain anything.
After he finished dealing with it, he went into the room and put on the hood.
After he adjusted his body to the lying state of turtle spirit, he looked carefully at the novice guide on the forum again...
"Glazed Fire Intrudes." At the entrance of the exercise house, the voices of people were boiling.
The NPCs and players made this Novice Village look so lively.
In reality, people who were afraid of loneliness could find comfort for themselves in this world.
In addition to the low intelligence of the fixed tasks, there were also Lifestyle NPCs found by theSR.
They lived with ordinary players in this world.
If they had a good relationship with each other, they could also get help from the people of friendly NPCs when they were unlucky.
So there was no problem to make friends with them.
They didn't have to worry about being ignored by others.
Liuli Fire wanted to know more about the following journey.
According to the instructions of the forum, she came to a new home.
She saw someone playing with fish and dozing outside the door, with an old-fashioned robe and an NPC with a head of white cassock.