The King of Hunters

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"Do you know?
Professor Li from the Academic Office said that there is a boy who is going to transfer to our class today, and he is going to sit between you, Kong Ying, Lin Fengzhi and Yuehan!
Come back to the classroom, we are all waiting for you to discuss this..." Just as she was about to turn on the basketball team's warm-up exercise and was about to take a rest with her favorite music and drink, her good friends from the class sent her such a message.
They only glanced at it for a moment before they smiled and ignored it.
This message did not disturb her calm mood.
She continued to put on her earphones and listen to the music to adjust her breathing frequency.
She was preparing to change back into the class outfit and enter the classroom for the new term after dressing up.
Although in different semesters, he also became a third-year student who was about to graduate, he didn't have much concern about this school.
He just wanted to go to another school to continue his studies after graduation.
What she couldn't give up was the basketball team that she had been staying in for two years...
and the one that she had always remembered in her mind.
The basketball was the beginning of her concern for him.
It was also because of him that she began to hire a coach to do specialized tutoring at home and seriously practice the basketball.
The result of Wuxin was that she had already become the captain of the school team after practicing for five years.
She had also led the school team to obtain the best result of being the second best in the country.
She had also received a VVIP title.
Not only had she improved her own health and weakness, but she had also walked out of an enclosed world from a little girl who did not have confidence, was introverted and was not good at talking.
Thanks to his help, in the period of time when she was a child, her father was busy with his work day and night, and her mother ignored her because of theDevelopment trip to Europe.
Her mother had been kidnapped by gangsters and her mother only cared about fear in the company of several bodyguards.
She ate by herself and went to sleep.
Although her brother and the aunties took care of her, she had always been alone for fear.
In the evening, she didn't want to go home too early to face the empty house where her parents were not at home, so she stayed in school.
When she went to the school courtyard, she accidentally saw the little girl climbing to the wall, and accidentally fell to the ground with a swollen face and crying.
The little girl looked at the little boy in concern and curiosity as she cursed and cried.
She noticed that this little boy was extremely dark, extremely filthy, and even good at cursing others.
She even knew that he wasn't a student of her own school.
It was because she cared for this private noble primary school for more than five years, not a single student in this school would wear clothes like this...
not paying attention to cleanliness and tidyness, but looking at his face that was covered in dirt and tears.
The little girl suddenly discovered that there was someone in this world who was even more pitiful than herself.
For some reason, she suddenly had the courage to walk up to him and hand him her clean handkerchief.
"To wipe your face, your face is dirty, very pitiful." The little boy with tears on his face said, "How dare you climb such a high wall?
Aren't you afraid of falling to death?" The little boy snorted and didn't take the handkerchief.
He directly wiped his face with his sleeves and wiped his tears and snot.
"It's none of your business.
Damn you!
Smelly girl!" After finishing his words, he ran away quickly.
Her concern blew up.
She was so kind to wipe his face with a handkerchief, and now he was scolding her like this!
"Don't run!
Tell me why you scolded me!" She also caught up with him out of concern.
After chasing for more than ten minutes, they crossed the campus courtyard, the school playground, and several school buildings.
When they reached the edge of the basketball court, they finally couldn't hold on with a burning passion and fell down at the edge of the basketball court.
She cried so sadly.
Suddenly, the little boy appeared in front of her with a basketball and looked at her curiously.
"What are you looking at!" The concern for him cried louder, which shocked the little boy, and even the basketball fell down.
"You are very strange!" The little boy was indignant and picked up the ball.
He stared at her and said, "You can see people crying, but others can't see you?
What a strange girl." He came over and looked at the little girl's knees.
He shook his head.
"You are not injured, and why are you crying?
You have to fall like me to cry..." As he spoke, the little boy lifted up the trousers.
There was a large piece of skin inside, and fresh blood was still flowing bit by bit.
It's so scary..." She forgot to cry out of concern, just staring at the little boy's face in a daze.
"Do you know how to play basketball?
If you like, let's play together!" The boy took the initiative to play basketball with her.
Concerned, he shook his head, went over to hold the little boy and went straight to the health care room.
In the health care room, Gu Xi heard the name of this boy from the nurse on duty.
He was Zheng Qingping, the son of the school worker Old Zheng, who was brought back from the orphanage.
After school, he would come to the school of his father's work every day to make trouble.
He had been injured many times and entered the health care room.
"So you are an orphan?" After returning to the basketball court with concern, he felt it funny when he saw Zheng Qingping's short body was throwing the basket with all his strength, so he asked casually.
"Yes." Except for his father, no one was willing to take him to bind up the wound when he was injured.
At this time, they seemed to be unusually friendly with him.
Ever since that day, Gu Xi had found a person whom he could chat with.
Every day after school, she would spend a little more time chatting with Zheng Qingping.
Sometimes, she would also play basketball.
The world where Zheng Qingping lived was a completely different world from the one he cared about.
She never knew that life outside was like that.
Zheng Qingping's appearance not only filled up the boring time in life, but also made her feel better when she was playing basketball with him.
The relationship between them was getting better and better, and they could talk a lot.
They even told each other some dreams after growing up.
On the day of the graduation of the country, she wanted to tell Zheng Qingping some secret words in her heart.
Unexpectedly, she suddenly heard the news that the school teacher Mr.
Zheng passed away because of myocardial infarction.
From that day on, she never heard from Zheng Qingping.
Later, she learned that after the funeral of Zheng Kai's family, she couldn't pay the rent, so she had to pack up her luggage and returned to Zheng Kai's relatives who came to the countryside to seek refuge with him.
Zheng Qingping didn't even have time to say goodbye to her before he was taken back to his hometown by his elders.
As time flew, the destined one would finally see him again.
But he didn't expect that he had changed so much that his concern couldn't be sure whether it was him.
Because the nickname of trash of the human world had been spread throughout the city.
If he hadn't peeked at girls changing clothes during school, and fell down to be caught by the school's police was really famous, he wouldn't have noticed that there was also Zheng Qingping at school.
Could it be him?
Then Zheng Qingping began to notice him.
Although he had grown up, we could still tell that it was him.
But he must have changed a lot.
His hair was dyed with various colors.
He was dressed like a hooligan, and his voice was neither dirty nor yellow, which made everyone loathe him.
Zheng Qingping had once wanted to talk to him, but he always felt inferior to the students of the noble class.
As soon as he saw the girl in the noble class uniform walk over to him, he just ran away with a low hat.
How many things had he encountered become like this?
He didn't know how many things Zheng Qingping had gone through in the past few years.
He was almost completely different from a normal person, but he cared for her very much.
He had given her many happy memories, and he was even the person she first fell in love with.
However, from the looks of it now, he felt as if he had seen a fierce tiger in his class of noblemen.
It was obvious that he couldn't chat happily with him like he used to.
From that day on, concern no longer took the initiative to talk to Zheng Qingping, but secretly helped him a lot.
Many times the school wanted to drive Zheng Qingping to other schools because they wanted to ask her father to let Zheng Qingping leave.
She never told others about these things, but just watched him silently.
On the way back to the classroom from the basketball court, he saw Lin Fengzhi and the others who just came out of the dean's office.
She smiled at them with concern.
It seemed that they were not very happy.
She didn't know what had made the three girls in the class so angry, but she didn't care much about it.
It had been two years since they were classmates.
They hadn't talked to each other for many times, so their friendship hadn't been good enough to take the initiative to ask about their well-being.
As soon as he entered the classroom, he saw that the students in the class were forming a small circle, and no one knew how many topics they were discussing were very enthusiastic.
They also noticed that there was an empty space in front of their new seats, and then Lin Fengzhi, Yu Yuehan, Kong Ying and the others were in front of them.
"You still look like you're okay?"constantie walked to his side and bent down to whisper, "The new student who wants to sit in your four golden hairpins is not someone else, but Zheng Qingping, the rubbish in the human world!" Shu Xiaoman was stunned and couldn't speak for a long time.
A handsome man in plain clothes walked in from the door.
Class One of the three years was a warm-up group of old students and new students.
Obviously, their voices had greatly lowered.
In an instant, many girls were tempted, and most of the students frowned.
No matter how hard they thought, they couldn't figure out which one of the rich and powerful descendants in the school was unknown to them.
Under the gaze of the public, the boy quietly walked to the front and sat down with concern.
The crowd burst into an uproar.
"He's that human trash?
He doesn't seem like it!" The soft whisper rose and fell.
However, no one was more surprised than they were concerned about him.
She had secretly paid attention to him for two years.
Zheng Qingping's dressing and temperament showed that she was very familiar with him.
If this person before her didn't have Zheng Qingping's face, he would definitely be another person.
After getting along with him for a few days, his concern suddenly found that he knew too little about him.
Not only did he change, but he also became very thorough.
He was full of connotation and depth.
His speech and manner were so attractive that many girls began to have a good impression of him.
However, he still did not recognize that the girl who cared about him was the little girl from back then, which made his concern stagnate.
Zheng Qingping had an accident beside the swimming pool.
She jumped into the water as quickly as she could to save people, but she was still breathing for Zheng Qingping in front of everyone.
After the battle of Tianguan, the celebration in the classroom had made Zheng Qingping in adeoxy.
He ran to the back of the room and scolded Ji Zhihao and his team out of concern.
But Zheng Qingping seemed to never know who he cared about, which made him very sad.
"Zheng Qingping, are you...
free tonight?" She gathered her courage and finally invited her first love.
"I mean in the game...
I know that you've reached level 250.
If you're free, you should go to the barrier of the capital.
I've just reached level 250,in the past two days.
I'm going to break through the barrier tonight.
Could you come with me if you don't have anything to do?" "Good!
We happen to have a companion." Zheng Qingping gave her a quick answer.
In his heart, he felt a warm current flowing through him.
He smiled until his eyebrows were bent.
"You and I...
finally have a chance to start over again."