The Best Teacher

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Love-loving "Snowflake Ointment"

Jiang Qinghua was different from many young people.
Many of them who had entered university often thought that they could not meet a man with talents, but Jiang Qinghua did not.
From the age of sixteen, when he was in high school, to his work, he felt that he was fair to the teachers and leaders wherever he went, and that he was basically not buried.
Most of his talents had the opportunity to show off.
Perhaps Jiang Qinghua's infatuation for women could be traced back to his younger age.
When he was only about nine years old, or when men's sex organs had not yet developed and matured, he had a strange infatuation for women.
That year, he was only two years old in primary school, and the first woman he secretly fell in love with was his Chinese teacher and head teacher.
Because he could get over 90 marks without studying, he was naturally praised by the female teacher.
Besides the praise, he sometimes touched his head involuntarily.
He had been a person with strong self-esteem since he was a child.
He disliked the adults in the production team touching his round head.
But every time the female class teacher touched his head, he had a strange excitement and pleasure.
He liked the teacher touching his head, just like how government(2) longed to be touched by Living Buddha.
The head teacher was a man who had a fresh smile and a magnetic voice.
He had a pair of dimples on his face, which made him look like the star Liu Yi Fei now.
The head teacher was not married yet, but he had a boyfriend, who was called a boyfriend at that time.
Therefore, the head teacher often applied "Snowflake Ointment" on her face, which was the most fashionable skin care products for young women in the 70s.
Jiang Qinghua had many brothers and sisters at home.
He hadn't worked yet and never had such a luxury in his family, so every time he smelled the fragrance of snow cream coming from outside the window, he knew it was the teacher who came to his classroom.
He was excited at the start of class.
To smell the smell of the snow cream on the teacher's body, he often asked the teacher about it while deliberately learning the words he knew from the teacher.
Sometimes he pretended to feel pain when he had a hard time digesting the stomach, so that the teacher could get close to him.
He knew that the teacher couldn't be his girlfriend, but he could still smell the teacher's smell.
Therefore, after many years, when he heard the song "Milisty" , he thought of his secret love for the first woman.
The head teacher had been transferred when he was in grade four and had gone somewhere far away.
He missed her very much.
This kind of nostalgia was completely beyond the normal feelings a student had for his teacher.
Instead, he had a strong attachment to a man and a woman.
In that era, not only was human's feelings deeply hidden, but also it didn't seem to be able to be contacted by communication tools now.
The first time he made a phone call, he had only got the phone call when he was in the middle of the browsers.
So he silently transferred his feelings for the female teacher to a woman like the female teacher who had the smell of snow cream.
But he searched for a long time but failed to find her, because at that time, no woman in the production team would smear that kind of things, even if she did smear it at night.
His parents would not allow him to go to any family to have fun at night.
As the saying goes, Kung Fu does not pay off.
At one night when he watched a movie, he finally realized his desire to smell the smell of snow cream on the female teacher, but he was almost beaten up as a hooligan.
That night, the people of the public security bureau came to the production team to play movies.
The movies that the rural people played were all in the open air, and before the film was put on, people had occupied the position early in the place that was about to be put on.
The way that the locals called "the position" was to put their bench chair in good places first.
The occupying the position was the same as the things that the people with connections went to a bank or some mechanism.
It was of course that the above-mentioned things could be prioritized.
Because his relatives were the production team captain, he had the privilege of putting the bench chair he moved next to the movie machine to occupy.
This was the best position for the movies.
After the movie was about to start, he suddenly found that one of the two girls from the movie team looked very similar to his class teacher.
He almost called her teacher.
When he leaned in front of the film team, he knew that they were the friends of the movie team who came to watch the movie together.
Of course, she sat on the chair arranged by the production team, and sat next to Jiang Qinghua.
The movie was put in winter, and he still remembered its name "The Sea Wind and Thunder".
Dong Tian also smeared her face with snow cream.
Jiang Qinghua, who was a little disappointed just now, leaned towards this girl, who looked like the class teacher, as if she could see the person she was obsessed with with as the smell of the snow cream.
Then he sat close to her.
At that time, the cinema was not like the one that people sitting comfortably in the cinema with an air conditioner.
It was often crowded together to watch.
In addition, although the open air in the south at winter was very cold, it was very natural to lean against each other.
Jiang Qinghua was also watching movies honestly, only thinking of his teacher when he smelled the smell of the snow cream.
But there was almost no horror film in that era, and sometimes some scenes in this foreign movie were more stressful and thrilling.
The girl's timid nature would scream because of the plot, and her hands and feet would shake, and sometimes she would accidentally touch Xiao Qinghua.
Perhaps Jiang Qinghua was too attached to the female teacher, or perhaps he was too precocious.
He thought that the girl encouraged him to lean close to her, so he got closer to her more and more.
When the plot went smoothly, the girl took back her body subconsciously.
Jiang Qinghua might have been immersed in his head teacher's wild imagination, so he ignored the girl and just leaned against her, as if he wanted to smell the smell of the snow cream on the girl's body as if he was attached to the head teacher.
After several avoids, the girl saw that Jiang Qinghua was still leaning on her, so she could not help but stand up.
"What's wrong with you?" she asked.
Jiang Qinghua immediately blushed and sobered up.
Seeing the girl's sudden move, a leader of the production team came to her and asked her what happened.
The girl blushed with anxiety, but she could not say that Jiang Qinghua was a hooligan, after all, he was still a kid.
So she had to say, "I won't sit in this position." After the movie was over, the team leader inquired about what had happened with great concern.
Then the girlspeaking Jiang Qinghua's action of watching movies, but fortunately, Jiang Qinghua was always the top student in the team.
The adults didn't think about this, so they had to comfort the girl, who was the head of the Jiang Qinghua class, by saying that the children in the countryside were not sensible.
Maybe because the position was too cramped, so don't argue with her.
In fact, the girl and Jiang Qinghua themselves knew that it wasn't a misunderstanding, but the girl didn't know why Jiang Qinghua was so young?
However, because of Jiang Qinghua's impulse as a teenager, he said that he was very lascivious and a little far-fetched.
In fact, he lacked genes that could turn out to be lecherous.
His father was a rare literary person in the area before the liberation.
Especially when he was good at calligraphy.
When he met locals, he asked him to write the right letters.
Many people who didn't write letters had to ask him to write for them.
Even when people in the 1970 age were hungry, he still ordered a monthly half-yuan southern newspaper.
This was the only person in their production team.
Therefore, when Jiang Qinghua was still three or four years old, he could write dozens of words because he read the newspaper with his father.
By the age of six, he had basically known all the great leaders written in red paint on the wall of the production team.
In this way, his grades from grade one to grade three were very natural.
Although Jiang Qinghua was a family with a high chance of studying at home in the local area, because his family had many brothers and sisters, and his father was not a cadre, he would not find any way to make money.
Therefore, Jiang Qinghua had been living a simple life.
Growing up in such an environment, even if he had so much desire for the opposite sex, he did not dare to do anything indecent.
And because of his sexual orientation, which was both greedy and timid since childhood, later he encountered many opportunities that he lost his rechargeable desire because of his bashfulness.
Perhaps in the seventies, many villages were like the characteristics of the era described in 'Vast moments of Love'.
In that era, normal love often could not develop, and people had to use unusual means to pursue love.
For example, a woman became a widow and when she had a man to sleep with, which was normal for the time being.
At that time, she would be severely criticized and stopped with 'life style was not good'.
When a married man or a woman had an affair, it would be an indecent thing, and it would be even widely criticized.
And the meeting where men and women were having sex was as lively as a local's performance, which was so attractive.
This was unexpected by the organization's members.
Jiang Qinghua's mother, a primary school classmate, was an employee in a town company of the company.
Once, she had an illicit intercourse with a male driver of a unit, and was caught on the spot.
Then she was arranged to be a competitor on the women's Day of Economics.
As soon as the meeting was about to begin, people went to the meeting hall to wait for it, without the guidance of the leader.
This kind of meeting would not be late or absent.
In that era without entertainment, participating in such a meeting would undoubtedly satisfy many people's curiosity and pleasure.