The Best Teacher

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In general, in order to prevent the woman from committing suicide shamefully, the October party did not arrange for her to go to the party.
And the male had to read his examination at the party.
The driver was a man with a foul nose.
It was obvious that he was a man with a strong demand for alcohol and a daring man.
He was already married.
The inspection he read was not like the speeches in many meetings later on, which could be perfunctory and reasonable.
The inspection required him to clearly explain the location, time, and plot of the affair, and to dig out the motive of the invasive motive.
At the time, Jiang Qinghua's mother, the driver of the illicit intercourse, read his inspection at the solemn and quiet venue.
He read, "I often drive on business trips, so she asked me to help her buy things from somewhere else." That was why the driver was so awesome at that time, because they could often drive on business trips, so the drivers, doctors, and pork sellers became the most popular and capable jobs in society.
He gulped and continued, "In order to bring the shopping gifts to her house, I often came to her house to drink tea and chat.
As time went by, we became very casual and often joked.
One time, I sent her some shopping items to her house.
After delivering the things, I sat for a while and wanted to leave.
She said that her husband was on night shift and the child was already asleep, so she asked me to stay a little longer.
I thought she was implying that I liked to do something with her, so I continued to sit at her house.
In fact, as soon as I saw her plump figure, I liked her for a long time.
So when she stood up and added water to my teacup, I hugged her from behind impulsively.
She shouted, "No, no!" and did not resist.
Her body quickly softened and fell into my arms.
We did it.
It was a very wrong thing.
It was a mistake in the behavior of a man and a woman.
It was a bad idea.
I must definitely correct it in the future.
" Hearing this, the female colleagues offstage all blushed.
Most of the male comrades stared blankly at the "bastard" who was doing the inspection, waiting anxiously for the exciting follow-up.
They did not expect the person to finish the inspection so quickly.
Of course, it was not satisfying.
The bold ones shouted below the stage, "You're not honest.
You haven't confessed how you seduced her.
Did she seduce you?
Clear!" There was a hubbub among the audience.
A man who loved to do mischief pinched his lower lip with his fingers and started to whistle.
The hall was suddenly chaotic.
The host saw that something wasn't right, but he couldn't stop the crowd's enthusiasm for groin.
So he said to the "bastardler" seriously, "Yes, according to your inspection just now, did the woman seduce you voluntarily?
You must have a good attitude and explain how you seducing others clearly." In fact, the "cookman" did not dare to push the blame to the woman, but his level was only enough to write the work of the third grade in primary school.
He lowered his head with grievances and whispered, "What I said is the truth, the truth.
I didn't deceive the organization." The host couldn't just listen to what he said, of course.
Otherwise, wouldn't the conference be too harsh on you?
So he stood up and pointed to him, "If you said that you did such a bad thing on impulse, then I would ask you, how many times have you found a man and how long has it been since that time,?" Everyone below the stage was impressed by the leader's dexterity, decisiveness, and dignity.
They were very happy to applaud and shouted, "Yes, yes, how many times have you done this?" The drunkard had no choice but to say with a red nose, "I don't remember many times.
Anyway, since her husband was on the night shift in the factory, she moved out in front of her house, and I saw she stayed with her house in the evening." "Wow!
You've even learned how to use the code for alliances to get in touch with your enemy.
You're so ridiculous and hateful!
Everyone is scolding in their hearts, but they're saying, "How long have you been together?
How come her child doesn't know?" The "bastard" had no choice but to say, "I don't remember how long it takes either, but I remember that there was once when we spent two hours together.
Even though she would sometimes speak, I always called her softly.
Her child was sleeping rather early, and by the time we were playing, he was already sleeping very soundly.
I didn't hear our voice at all." When the leader saw that if he continued speaking, the Gathering of Practitioners might have turned into an organization for abetting secrets.
Only then did he come back to his senses.
He immediately coughed twice and said to the adulterer, "Alright, alright.
There is still some form of understanding for today's examination.
However, your legitimacy is not thorough and the mistakes in your recognition are not deep enough.
You go down first and continue to write down a profound examination when you go back." The gathering ended while everyone was still in the mood.
Whenever such a criticizing meeting was held, everyone would feel as excited and happy as they were celebrating a holiday.
It was because back then, forget about the yellow video, even the scenes of young men and women hugging each other couldn't be seen in the movies, let alone kissing.
Human nature was artificially restrained.
Ordinary demands could not be vented, and it would be expressed and vented in a special or even perverted way.
When he was in Grade Five, another shameful and sad thing happened in a battalion near Jiang Qinghua.
This was what happened.
The production team had a male student in junior high and junior high school, who was " Thirty-Six good students" who was good at both reading and writing.
Because he liked reading, he often secretly read some novels that were criticized by the superiors at that time.
In fact, the so-called forbidden books did not describe at all.
Instead, they were some very formal love descriptions, such as "The Song of youth", "Linhai Snow Field", "Red Rock", and other novels with love.
These novels in the 70s years were labeled on it as "the drug for sealing, material, and cultivation", a forbidden book.
After reading it, he thought it was Poisonous Grass, but he was not impressed by the heroic events of the revolutionary people.
He also believed that the leaders of these heroes were heroes of "repentism" instead of real revolutionary heroes.
However, while he warned himself not to be affected by the poison of the contents of "repentism" in the novels, he was fascinated by the wonderful description of the love in it.
If he was not a person with a yes-man personality, he could use the communication with girls to ease his desire for the opposite sex.
However, he was not a cheerful boy.
Therefore, every time he secretly read the love description in the novel, he would have infinite imagination about the opposite sex.
When he was unable to stop himself from thinking, he secretly learned to relieve himself.
After all, he was 15 and had grown up.
After the incident, he was excited and regretted it.
But next time, he would repeat his desire and impulse.
Once, he went to the bathhouse to take a bath, and then June arrived at 7 in the evening with hazy rays of light.
The walls of their bathhouse were built from earth, while the roof was built with straw, below the roof supported by beams.
The walls and roof had a twenty centimeter gap between the straw.
Because this was a simple and crude bathhouse that wasn't closed, there would often be courageous men peeping at a woman's bath.
Even though there would be women screaming and being peeked at while she was showering, there was always no true perverts to be caught.
Even though everyone in the vein knew what kind of underhanded men would do, if there wasn't any, then it wouldn't matter.
Only the women that had been peeked at would suffer misfortunes.
One day, when this "Morning" just finished his love story, his heart was filled with warmth, and he wanted to take a bath and calm down.
Just as he was alone in the male bathhouse that day, everyone else had either come or already taken a bath.
When he took off his clothes and pants and was ready to take a bath, a very beautiful female voice came from the neighborhood.
The singing was "The Flower Blooms in the Mountain Pill" which was usually put on in the broadcast room every day.
She knew it was the voice of a female speaker at the radio station of the production station.
The gentle, beautiful but high-pitched voice was like a string of conferred words that made him intoxicated and made him excited!
Usually, whenever he saw the female radio player with smooth hair, smooth skin, and a perfect figure walking, he would secretly watch her until she disappeared.
He heard that there were often women peeping into the bath hall, but no one had ever been caught.
He had always had good luck.
Why couldn't he try it?
Just once, and he would never do it a second time in this life, I promised Marx!
But if he was caught, then I would ruin my life, and I would be like a person!
His two thoughts were constantly struggling in his mind.
"See," they collided anxiously.