The Best Teacher

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"The Tragedy of the Three Lives"

Just as he was hesitating, he heard the trembling of the female broadcaster next door, who had just encountered cold water.
Although the sound was brief and light, it was the most exciting note that he had never heard before.
At this time, he could no longer control himself.
He jumped up, put his hands on the top of the wall, and used his waist force to reach the top of the wall.
He looked down and almost fainted.
What he saw was that the female broadcaster's body, which was almost a goddess, was like a lotus out of water after being showered by the water.
Pear blossoms with the rain, her creamy smooth skin, and her slender and flexible figure were all the men in the production brigade.
He thought it was worth it to be intimate with her once!
When he was watching it, the female broadcaster was still rubbing and cleaning himself with a towel, appreciating his beautiful body at the same time.
He did not notice the pair of peering eyes.
If he were a cunning and experienced peeper at this time, he would stop at the right time.
Maybe nothing would happen.
Maybe after he recovered from the college entrance examination in later years, he could definitely go to college with his grades.
Maybe he was now a leader or a scholar in some field.
But the complexity and wonder of life were because it did not exist in the past, just like what Mo Bo Sang said in the " necklace","Life is so strange, how capricious it is.
Extremely small things can destroy you, and help you!" At this time, he must have been stunned by the living beauty in front of him.
How could he bear to come down on his horse?
Just as he was staring at the beauty in a daze, the female broadcaster inadvertently raised her head and looked up in order not to pour the water on her hair.
Suddenly she found that there was a boy's head on her head.
She screamed loudly, "Hooligan!
Hooligan!" As soon as she shouted, a woman and a man immediately rushed to the female bathhouse and the male bathhouse.
Soon she caught "Sanling" on the spot.
"Sanling" became a very sensational news figure in the public security agency.
In order to attract such a student, the school was surprised at first, followed by anger and shame.
In that year, there was no such thing as protecting an underaged student, and only struggle with the idea of having a bad conscience.
Then, of course, the school would quickly and publicly organize the activity of cleaning up the fight between rogues and students.
The students were immediately ordered to stop writing check-up and let him read the check-up book of the woman at the university's grand meeting.
The parents didn't expect that their proud son would do such an ugly thing.
They stared at their son, but they didn't even have the mood to beat him.
So they scolded him with hatred, "You've lost all their faces!" Just as the university was preparing to watch "San Mano" take a bath with female radio users during the match, "San Mano" quietly stole a bottle of "enemies" Gates and killed himself with horror and shame.
After his death, apart from his father's eternal regret and shame, the school and production brigade did not have to take any responsibilities.
Furthermore, he had become a reverse teacher for education for a period of time.
Jiang Qinghua, who worked in the public security bureau, was clear about all these things, and his parents often reminded him and his brothers and sisters intentionally or not to do anything to humiliate their family, especially things between men and women.
Jiang Qinghua had heard a lot of scandals about men and women around him in junior high school.
In addition, his parents were very decent people who cared about face, so he dared not to cross the boundaries of men and women since he was in grade five in primary school.
Although his grades had always been top, there would naturally be female students who envied and even loved him, and he would always turn a blind eye to them.
Because he knew that even if he had an opportunity, even if he was eager to have close contact with girls, he didn't have the courage to peek at girls bathing.
He was a director of studies in his class for many years, but until the first grade of high school, he had hardly spoken to any girls.
However, after all, he didn't need to do some previews or review to get into the second place in the exam.
It didn't take much effort to read.
Therefore, his energy was over-used.
In the seventies, there were no books or entertainment.
He put his energy in learning calligraphy, learning to play Chinese flute, playing Chinese flute and other instruments.
He was also a good at playing football on the court, swimming in the river pool.
He also learned several poems written by himself after learning the poems of an engineering project.
In the activity of "Return of the Right-Right-Right Decrepiting and grimet" at that time, he wrote most of his articles and poetry, so his academic performance and versatile skills were well-known in the school.
This made him long self-assuming that he was extraordinary.
And such personality made it difficult for him to curry favor with the girls.
Even if he was very fond of any girl, he pretended to be disdainful of them at all times.
He longed for closeness and was afraid to get close to a girl until two years before he went to university.
However, the main reason for this change was not that his personality had changed.
It was because two years ago when the "Four-man Gang" fell from power, the judge was already very lenient with the communication and communication between men and women.
Although the door had just been opened, it was open.
The most obvious difference was that from then on, very few people had been involved in fights because of a man and a woman's bath.
Of course, at that time, there had also been some yellow video that could be secretly watched.
When Ning Tao first senior high school, he had finished his ten-year national college entrance examination for two years because of Wencai.
If he hadn't returned to the system of college entrance examination, no matter how good Jiang Qinghua's grades were, he still wouldn't have a chance to enter university.
Because of his good grades and active work, one of his sisters was recommended to go to the provincial capital to study martial arts college, but in the end, she was squeezed out because of lack of support.
Although Jiang Qinghua was still a poor student who was in a difficult situation, his good grades had greatly improved his prestige in the university, and he would no longer be self-abased by his poor family.
He hadn't graduated from high school in the first two years of the college entrance examination, but people in hisshes had been admitted to the college in succession.
Whenever someone was admitted to the college, they would treat all his relatives and friends and leaders to dinner at home.
That glory and excitement was no less than getting married and holding a wedding banquet.
And Jiang Qinghua, as always, was top-notch in the school, naturally a college student whom the teachers and students thought highly of.
Of course, this was not the most important reason for his confidence.
What made him confident from then on was that his contempt and respect for him changed from contempt to admiration and respect when he saw him.
Because before he returned to college entrance examination, although they all knew his grades were very good, they still had to go back to the production brigade to work as farmers after graduation.
Even if they did well, their parents would help them to be arranged to work in the public club after graduation, or in some office in hospital, or at least in the rural enterprise of the public club, unlike Jiang Qinghua, who had to be a returning farmer in rain and sun every day.
From then on, there were many girls who asked Jiang Qinghua about his studies.
In order to ask him about his studies, many cadres and daughters asked him to go to their houses.
Jiang Qinghua remembered the first time he visited her house with the daughter of the deputy secretary of the Revolutionary Committee.
That day, when he was invited, his appearance was very reserved, but his excitement was no less than being met by the mayor for the first time, because he was in his thirties.
Although he had many classmates who were cadres and children, who often passed by the public security compound, he had never been to the house of any mobilize's cadres.
Every time when he heard the mobilize's children talking about how they bought steamed buns or ate red-cooked pork today at the public security center cafeteria, he would feel dejected and self-abased.
He didn't know when he would be able to eat anything like the daughters and children of a minister.
So when he agreed to go to his house with the daughter of the deputy secretary, his only two backs were broken, but the other one was dirty.
He took off and dried them up and went to the deputy secretary's house, so that he could hide his poverty in more or less.