The Best Teacher

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Feelings of Love Began

When he arrived at the deputy secretary's house, his female schoolmate waved her hand and said, "Come in, this is my house." When he saw that the female schoolmate's mother was such a well-maintained and superior woman like the mayor's wife, he glanced at Jiang Qinghua and said, "Hmm".
Then he noticed his simple clothes and lack of nutrition, so he looked at his daughter with a strange look, as if asking why his daughter brought such a simple-looking schoolmate to his house.
The female student apparently understood that her mother paid attention to socializing.
She took her mother's hand with a smile and said, "Mom, he is Jiang Qinghua, the best student in our school.
I often ask him questions.
He can do all kinds of questions.
He's very awesome, haha." Only then did the girl's mother show kindness and enthusiasm on her face.
"Oh, oh, that's great.
We should help each other.
Sit down, sit down, please." From this moment on, Jiang Qinghua would no longer feel inferior because of his poor family, because he could see his strength from the change of his girl's eyes.
In more than a year before the college entrance examination, Jiang Qinghua became the idol of many classmates.
Some of them even joked about Qinghua, saying that his name was Qinghua and might be admitted to the Xiaolu family in the future.
The girls no longer despised his poverty or his arrogance.
Every time before every class was held to take the test, he ignored them and played basketball on the sports ground.
Whenever the classmates thought that they were going to have the examination tomorrow, they all went to the classroom to study and recite in the classroom, and did the questions leisurely, asking some students who did not know how to read and did not like to read playing the piano and flute in the grass.
When someone told him that he was going to take the exam tomorrow and he didn't hurry to review, he smiled and said, "What kind of book can he take before the exam?
I don't need to preview so many things to get him over 90 points." Everyone thought that he was boasting and laughed at him when the exam papers were given out.
They didn't expect that he would be so relaxed before the several exams, but his exam results were still in the first and second place in the class.
Therefore, everyone admired him completely.
In fact, he wasn't as talented as any of the students who didn't need to review and didn't have to read.
On the contrary, when everyone was very passive to do homework which was required by the teachers to review, he had already read all the schoolbook.
His learning method was very special.
If anyone felt that he was going to study, he would climb to the campus branch tree alone.
It was a long time.
When he got off the tree, he had finished the textbook revision.
He believed that there were two benefits to learning by climbing trees,one, you could avoid being disturbed in the classrooms or in the dormitory; two, you had to concentrate on learning in the trees; or you could fall down the trees if you didn't concentrate.
He thought that studying was not limited by time, but because of the quality of study.
Because he could study in a highly focused state, he didn't have much time, but the efficiency was high.
Students would spend their nights working in the dormitory in school, and he often wouldn't go out to work because the head of the class who was in charge of registration and repair would often report to the teacher that he didn't go late for study.
The head of the class felt it strange after hearing that.
Why didn't you go for study when you obviously did a good job?
So he brought him here and affirmed his academic performance first, and then asked the teacher why didn't go to the classroom late for study.
Jiang Qinghua said to the teacher, "It's not that I don't want to go to the classroom for study, but every time I went to work late, many students would ask me the question.
It's not good that I didn't teach them, but I have no time for study." The teacher listened to his story, because after all, he was the best among more than 100 students in the class of the liberal arts.
The teacher specially approved that Jiang Qinghua could participate in the evening study as soon as the news spread, so his reputation as a top student rose, and there were more "Fans" following him on campus.
What made him feel the most " scrollsing serfs sing" was that the beautiful students who pretended to be reserved in front of him were attentive to him and scrambled to ask him to tutor himself.
He was the most popular star among everyone before every exam.
Seeing that he was always ranked top in every test, everyone affirmed that he had some tips of reading, as if they got his advice before the exam, just like getting the examination questions, which made him feel more assured.
However, it was true that Jiang Qinghua was not an upstart.
For example, if someone asked him about the key points of the history examination, he would say it would be easy.
"The key to learning history is through the ages.
Then the person who created the incident will have to learn about the history by himself, so there's no reason to memorize it by memory." "Besides, you also need to be good at reasoning.
As you know the history of Qin Shihuang, you can tell him that what lies ahead of him is the Spring and Autumn Period, followed by the two Hans and three countries, and so on." He talked with confidence and composure than a history teacher.
After he learned about geography, Jiang Qinghua also smiled and said, "I will stick the most difficult content of your knowledge to your mosquito net.
When you see him sleeping every day, you won't forget it.
After listening to the method of his teaching, everyone felt like they were waken up from a dream, and they worship him more." There were two female classmates whom Qinghua admired the most.
One was the daughter of the deputy secretary of the Public Security Agency, and the other was the campus belle Xiaoqin.
Her family had a wealthy relative in Hong Kong.
The secretary's daughter's most direct way of admiring him was to buy breakfast and delicious food from the office's mechanism cafeteria every day; and the "school belle" would send him the learning supplies that she brought back.
The two girls who admired him were both beautiful and well-proportioned due to their rich life and well-rounded nutrition.
They were well-proportioned and well-proportioned.
It was just that the "school beauty" had an even deeper relationship with him.
He also liked the vice secretary's girl, but when he thought of how the last time he went to her home, her mother's high sense of superiority made him treat her even more coldly.
However, if Jiang Qinghua was only the champion of the liberal arts course, he could not make everyone admire him so much.
His financial talent was comprehensive, and he could not only tell the novels to everyone; Moreover, he was the vanguard on the football field, and his basketball percentage could be shot to seven points, much higher than that of the school basketball players; he could sing songs by guitar himself; he was the key core of the school's literary and artistic propaganda team; he wrote good calligraphy and well-written; most of the school wall reports were from his hands; few students could be his opponent when he played chess; these factors solidified his status as a student.
More importantly, Jiang Qinghua was not the kind of person who would study hard.
His academic performance was excellent, but he was hungry after living in the dormitory.
It was not like the people now could go to food stalls or supermarket to buy food.
At that time, there were no places to buy and they had no money to pay.
If the students were poor, they could think of a way.
In order to fill their stomach, the students would extend their hands to the public family's fields, such as picking lychee, fishing, dropping sugar canes, and eating sweet potatoes.
He had done many things.
Besides, he was the "Commander" who stole from the public family.
Every time he went to steal what was in the public house, he would not go alone.
He divided his classmates who went with him into "Action Task", " guarding and " production unit".
Under his unified command, the action was well-organized and had never been caught.
Therefore, the classmates who loved to study and did not want to study all admired him.
It was also because that in his male classmates, he would not think that he was a nerd because of his good study, nor would he be jealous of the beautiful female classmates because of the likes of him.
He had convinced many people by his strength.
Of course, these skills and achievements were also known by many female classmates.
Therefore, these female classmates thought that he was a poor boy who turned him into a leader and a prince.
Jiang Qinghua always remembered the summer in the campus.
There were several tall giraffes and a dense bamboo forest around the campus classroom.
Under the humid air in the south, the white girura flowers drifted with the sweet fragrance of iarans.
He didn't go home on that Sunday, so he stayed in the school to review the college entrance examination.
The school beauty Xiao Qin had made an appointment with him to go back for revision yesterday.
In order not to show off, he told Xiao Qin not to go to the classroom, because at that time, students were still not allowed to fall in love with her.
Although they did not fall in love, they just loved each other inside.
Xiao Qin also knew that there were many girls who liked Jiang Qinghua, and the most of them was the daughter of the deputy secretary.
However, Jiang Qinghua seemed to like her a bit more when he looked into their eyes.
Xiao Qin was as good as Zhou Zhao, a girl who made people love her and love her.
She never spoke like the deputy secretary's daughter with a clear and crisp voice.
Xiao Qin had a high nose, a sharp lips, and a pair of shallow dimples when she smiled.
However, the most unforgettable part was her phoenix eyes and dark eyes.
The boy would have a very warm feeling as long as he saw him.
She always walked in a light and straight way, and her eyes would not mess around with others, and her every move showed the elegance and temperament of the noble girls.
She was also the main actress of the school's art publicize in the Tibetan media and common people's medical songs.
In the clothes song, Xiao Qin acted as the female lead girl.
She competed with Jiang Shuangrong's leader, Zhu Li, in washing clothes with the warrior class.
They worked very well with each other.
The scene was mixed together, and the friendship between the soldiers and the girl was deeply matched.
It was the exercise that ignited their love for each other.