The Best Teacher

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First Kiss

One of them was a girl with good looks, and the other was a boy with outstanding talent.
It was no wonder that people thought they were the best match in the school.
Other students, seeing their good looks, withdrew themselves from the competition and no longer joined in the competition to pursue them.
Only the daughter of the deputy secretary thought that her parents were both the first and second largest in the public interest, so she willingly expressed her love and intimacy to Qinghua.
Xiao Qin's father was a doctor of the public interest hospital.
He was a talented student in the medical school in the 60s of the provincial capital.
He responded to the support of the countryside and called to the public interest.
His mother was a elementary school teacher.
Because his father was a doctor with the highest education and medical skills in the public interest.
Although it was in the 60s and 70s, the doctors and teachers were easily teased.
The reason why he never got into a fight was that he knew that he was not ambitious and didn't arrogant.
Who would come to him if he was sick?
Why bother him?
What's more, he had foreign relatives who were successful.
He received the most Qiaohuidies in the public interest.
Many leaders of the public interest stores had tried to borrow money from him when they were in a hurry to use money.
Therefore he was very popular.
This day, Xiaoqin wore a pink dress, which was brought to her by her relatives from Hong Kong when they came back.
After they studied on the stone bench under the tree, Xiaoqin took it out of her schoolbag.
She asked Ning Tao to close his eyes and said to give him something he would definitely like, and asked him to guess.
Ning Tao narrowed his eyes and smiled.
"It must be chocolate." The chocolate hadn't been bought at that time in the country.
When she ate the chocolate, her relative Xiaoqin brought it to her.
The special, sweet taste still lingered in his mouth.
"You greedy wretch, you only know how to eat." Xiao Qin smiled and said, "Guess again." Ning Tao thought for a moment and said, "Then it must be Deng Lijun's recording." Xiaoqin shook her head and said, "No, I'll get my aunt to bring the recording next time." At this point, Ning Tao knew that he couldn't guess, so he said no more.
When he opened his eyes and saw the exquisite box in Xiaoqin's hand, just like the jewelry box a man sent to a woman in a movie, he joked, "Haha, Miss wants to give me an engagement chain." Xiaoqin's face immediately turned red.
"You bad guy, who wants to be engaged to you?
This is a famous Parker pen, for you to learn." At the same time, Qing Zhui also felt that she had gone too far in joking, so she smiled apologetically and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't ask for such a good pen.
I heard that Parker's pen is also very expensive abroad." Xiaoqin was no longer embarrassed, and her face softened.
"No matter how expensive it is, it should be.
You've tutored me so many times, and I should thank you." Seeing how sincere she was, Qing Zhui knew it had taken her a long time to decide to give Ning Tao this gift.
If she refused, it would be a bit awkward.
He suddenly asked Xiaoqin, "Hey, how did you think of sending me a Parker steel pen?" Xiao Qin replied, "I once heard you talking with your classmates about how to write well.
At that time, you didn't boast to your classmates that although your pen was the cheapest in the class, there were few people's pen characters that could compare with yours in the whole school.
Later, I thought that if you had a good pen pen, it wouldn't make your pen more beautiful and vigorous, so I asked aunt to buy me a better pen when she came back to visit her relatives.
This is for you." Qinghua didn't expect Xiaoqin would care about him so much about his bragging.
He felt very sorry for it.
"How dare I ask for such a good pen?
It's better for you to use it, and it's your aunt who sent it to you." This time, Xiaoqin was in a hurry.
"Take it.
It's my aunt's gift to me, and it's my wish to give it to anyone.
If you don't take it, then you're not a good horse." Xiaoqin's face turned red in a hurry, and she angrily used a taunting method to convince Qinghua to accept it.
Then Ning Tao had to put it away in his bag.
After a while, he thought something wrong.
"Hum, in order to let me take the gift, you, Xiaoqin, call me a horse.
Let's see how I kick your ass!" Then he went up and wanted to pinch Xiaoqin's nose.
"You're a horse, a wild one.
Hoho ho, how about it?" She ran away laughing and dodged Qinghua's pursuit in the woods, but Qinghua soon grabbed her hand in the wood.
Because she was wearing a skirt, she stepped into a small pit on the ground and was about to fall.
Then Qinghua ran up and held her up, and she fell into the crook of Ning Tao's arms.
Then Ning Tao put his other foot together and hugged Xiaoqin.
Although they loved each other in that age, they had never touched each other before.
They were both nervous and stiff.
They forgot to let go but didn't dare to move.
In an instant, both of them felt each other's heart beat.
Ning Tao looked up at Xiaoqin, who was in his arms, and her pink face exuded a girl's fragrance.
His chest was straight under her clothes, and his delicate lips seemed to hope for something.
Suddenly, everything before him felt dizzy.
He held her face and kissed her.
Xiaoqin was kissed before she could feel the emotion, and she resisted it slightly, but she was held tighter in her arms.
She opened her mouth wide and let Qinghua's tongue stick into her mouth, twisting it against her tongue.
She kissed him passionately, and he hesitated for a second and reached into Xiaoqin's coat to touch her softly.
Xiaoqin groaned.
The two people breathed heavily and felt a headache.
This was the first time in their life that they had kissed and contacted each other intimately.
It was probably the most two minutes, but it was always the most time in their life.
Just as Qing Zhui was about to touch Ning Tao's upper body and touch Qing Zhui's hand down, Qing Zhui suddenly woke up.
"Qinghua, no!
Let go of me!
Something bad is going to happen." As she spoke, Qing Zhui pushed Qing Zhui away, and then Qing Zhui woke up.
Although he was reluctant to do so, he still separated from Xiaoqin.
Xiaoqin would try her best not to stay with Qinghua in the future.
No matter how attached and eager Ning Tao looked at her when he saw Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin still looked at him gently and said nothing.
Because that first kiss in the woods that day, Xiaoqin knew that if everyone did one more step, something terrible would happen.
She would not only suffer punishment from her parents, but also affect Qinghua's future in college.
When the young man in the 70s talked about dating, it was easy for him to get pregnant and became a famous person in the local land.
It was not that people didn't know CoE, but that contraceptive was not easy to get.
gouging drugs were not what they were now in convenience stores.
People who didn't get married went to the hospital to buy contraceptive drugs.
People who didn't get married went to the hospital to buy contraceptive drugs.
That was tantamount to public information about you.
Who would dare to do that?
Therefore, after many years, although Qing Zhui was shocked about not tasting the fruits of his first love, she could only sigh deeply.
After all, he was not a man with rich love experience at that time.
Perhaps it was due to such a pity that he had such a deep yearning for his first love.
After Xiao Zhui went to college in Qinghua University, she didn't go to college.
Her family soon arranged for her to study in the United States and get married there.
When she returned home to visit her relatives at the age of 40, Qinghua saw her once, but they had become ordinary friends from lovers.
Because Qing Zhui loved Xiaoqin so much, he always thought of Xiaoqin's face, but he felt that the more he did this, the less he could go against Xiaoqin.
Otherwise, Xiaoqin would be in trouble.
Both Qing Zhui's first love and his lover he would meet were exactly the same—when he met her, he was very in love with her.
He always thought about her, so he must make himself true to the fact that he loved her and did not influence her because of his impulse.
And because of this, he lost a lot of good love.
Although Qing Zhui tried her best to stop herself from begging Xiaoqin to make him kiss her, she began to experience his heart-rending first kiss.
From then on, she fell in a strong miss for her.
Xiaoqin also wanted to stay with him, but her good family education and relatively conservative and closed relationship between men and women made her choose to avoid him.
She only wanted to date him publicly after he went to college.
Even if Qing Zhui misunderstood her now, she had to insist on it.
Ning Tao was naturally romantic and boyly, but apparently, he wasn't able to be as rational and self-disciplined as Xiaoqin.
He was disappointed as long as he didn't see Xiaoqin.
Most of the time, Ning Tao couldn't see these changes.
He didn't reveal the secrets between them in order to protect Xiaoqin.
However, the daughter of the deputy secretary was careless, but her unique sensitive to a girl sensed the subtle changes in Ning Tao's expression.
Ning Tao was the Prince Charming in her heart.
Now that she saw Qing Tao like this, she knew what must have happened between them, so she thought it was the best time to take over Qinghua.
Her family background and aggressive personality made her think this way—as long as she could take over Qinghua, she was as charming as Xiaoqin.
At this time, her love for Qinghua was far more than her love for Qinghua.