The Best Teacher

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Qing Zhui laughed and said, "Didn't you say I was very good to girls?
Otherwise, how could girls like me?
Haha." He Qing patted her coyly and said that it was because you were too kind to everyone, so everyone's soul was taken away by you.
Then Qinghua said, "Good, good, it's all my fault.
I won't treat you anymore.
From now on, I'll be focused on the girls and never get upset." As he spoke, Qinghua took her hand and walked on the stone road of the scenic spot.
The hot spring was a green sea, and the sky lake above the 300-meter-high flying wave was even more green.
The mountains were magnificent, and the valleys and valleys were beautiful.
The trees stretched their arms and branches, and it was luxuriantly green.
The rain in the sky lake range was about 10, 2 square kilometers, and the total height of Ye Zhong was more than 10 cubic meters, providing a wealth of water for the waterfall of the high waves.
Standing on the dam of the sky lake, one could see the vast lake, the blue waves were light, the near water was like jade, and the faraway water contained smoke.
The tea mountains were verdant and luxuriant, and the fruit trees were walking in the tea trees, looking elegant.
Looking at such a beautiful scene and leaning against her beloved teacher, He Qing felt unprecedentedly happy and satisfied.
He Qing said, "It's rare for you to ask me out today.
I'm really happy and touched.
Let's go.
We won't live in ordinary rooms today.
We'd better live in villas to enjoy ourselves." Ning Tao wanted to invite He Qing to dinner today.
Although he knew that He Qing would never let him spend money, when he heard that He Qing wanted to live in a villa, he refused.
"Don't spend money like that." The country was still at the primary-stage of socialism, and there were still many people waiting for permission.
He Qing said with a smile.
She thought, "I also want to give you permission.
But today, I just want to do that." Qing Zhui said, "If you let me live in such a high-class villa, I'll be too excited to sleep." He Qing said, "It's better if I can't fall asleep, so that I can be passionate with you until dawn." So they lived in the villa.
The facilities in the villa were more advanced and the environment was more elegant.
After they took a hot bath, Qinghua took the initiative to hold her on the bed.
Before she flirted with him, he quickly finished love with her and kept caressing and touching her.
She felt so happy that she had never felt before, and said to him, "Thank you, teacher.
Thank you.
I finally see you kiss me and love me like this today." Without saying anything, Qinghua took a nap with her and pulled her to the balcony for a seat.
The balcony was full of sunshine, which was very warm and comfortable.
The two of them sat on the round-backed chairs on the balcony in their nightgowns, admiring the surrounding lakes and mountains.
Ning Tao poured two cups of imported wine for Qinghua and He Qing, each holding a goblet with high legs.
He smoked a cigarette and said comfortably, "Wow, what a rare view.
What a beautiful scenery like a flowering garden!" It was really enjoyable." He Qing teased him by saying, "Do you want to have such a beautiful scenery forever?" Qing Zhui sighed.
Such a beautiful scenery, coupled with good wine and you, such a beautiful woman, would be an idiot if he didn't want to have her forever.
He Qing thought that he was moved, so she stepped forward and sat on his lap and said coyly, "Then you'll accompany me forever, and you'll be able to enjoy this happy scenery forever." Then Ning Tao told her, "Of course I want it, but I can't." He Qing said, "Haven't you figured it out?" Qing Zhui said, "I've figured it out." He Qing asked, "How did you figure it out?" Qing Zhui said, "I know I don't have such good fortune, so don't expect it.
Today is the last time I can enjoy such beautiful scenery with you.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, we have two people on our own sides." He Qing shivered and said, "Teacher, what do you mean by that?" Then Qinghua told He Qing his decision.
He Qing did not speak for a long time.
When she came to her senses, she stared at him and said, "So that's the problem that you've thought it through." Then Qing Zhui said, "That's it.
I'm sorry, He Qing.
I can't agree to your request, and I failed to live up to your kindness to me.
I will always be grateful to you for your wrong love." He Qing's voice changed a little.
"I don't want your gratitude.
I just want your real love!" Qinghua said, "I'm really not qualified to love you, nor can I give you a complete love." He Qing said, "Even if half of the love is good, or even a few sporadic love, why do you insist on going back to your hometown?
It's not like you don't know what's going on with the officialdom in your hometown." Ning Tao said, "Of course I know, but I don't care about officialdom.
I just want to live a life of dignity and freedom.
Although there are many dark sides in our hometown's officialdom, there is no such thing as a bright day in the officialdom.
What's more, although my father's officialdom has little hope of promotion and income, he has much freedom.
As long as I don't want to be promoted all the time, I can still live a decent and respectable life there.
After all, I need to make up a lot of things for my officialdom.
And no matter what I do here, I work hard, no matter how outstanding I am, I can't change my identity as a temporary worker.
Compared to being a decent second or third-class staff in a university or even third-class job, I'd better work as a dignified and dignified official in a place of the preferential system.
It's like being a second-class foreign agent in the United States for temporary living.
I'd prefer to work as a first-class citizen in China.
He Qing knew that he had made up his mind to leave.
She knew that he was thinking it over and no longer tried to persuade him.
Instead, she asked him, "Teacher, even if you want to go back, you don't have to break up with me.
I didn't force you to do anything with me.
We are still good friends." Qing Zhui said, "He Qing, I've been through and pursued before, and I've also been abandoned before.
I wasn't as lucky as you were when I was humiliated by them.
They all left without saying goodbye.
I didn't make it clear to you as I said." He Qing put her arms around his neck.
Of course, not many people had the courage and tolerance like you.
Otherwise, they would call you the teacher of the best quality, haha.
According to Qinghua, the reason why I made such a decision that might upset you was to end each other's miss.
If this wasn't the case, although I went back, you still came to me from time to time.
Even if I didn't bother you, you would feel worse and more pain, because you just couldn't get what you had seen all the time, just like you didn't have money when you were a kid.
You suffered a lot when you saw the novel you liked very much in the bookstore, but you didn't buy it.
Therefore, since there was no result, we didn't have to meet all the time.
Hearing Qinghua's reasonable and calm confession, He Qing did not have any reason to object.
"Teacher, since you've made a careful decision, I can only accept it, although I'm very sad and sad.
But I really worry that you'll go from a very active and open university unit to a dead county government.
Can you really get used to it?" Qing Zhui said, "Don't worry.
I'm also a person who has eaten and tasted porridge, so I've already regarded many material enjoyment as very light.
Although I dare not boast myself like a master who can see through the mortal world, I have already deeply realized that only when a person is not tired by material life can he always maintain a tranquil and peaceful state of mind.
The material world and senses enjoy unlimited expansion, and will never be satisfied with one day.
The spiritual transcendence and sublimation are the higher realms of life." "He Qing, do you know why I left my hometown to check on you when I was angry?
Because I couldn't stand the fact that I couldn't stand being promoted by someone who was lower than me.
It's really unfair.
When I think about it now, the so-called promotion is just a superficial glory.
It doesn't mean that such a life must have value." He Qing said, although you can be so open-minded, can you really accept it when you face the leader who is twice or more inferior to you?
"Qinghua said we couldn't have done it before, but now we can, because we have really understood this truth.
Each of us inevitably has some defects and shortcomings in our lives.
Perhaps we are incapable of changing this fact, but what we can change is our attitude towards these things, using calm attitudes to treat the flaws and hardships in life.
He Qing, to be honest, when I was your teacher at that time, the reason why I was so romantic was not only because I was young, but also because I was handsome and graceful, so that I got the favor of you girls.
Do you know?" It was the first time He Qing had heard Qinghua open-mindedly dissect himself.
She was very curious to say, "You were really our idol at that time.
We were indeed infatuated with your handsome appearance and your outstanding talent.
What other reasons did you have to make us so obsessed?" "Qinghua said that those were just my superficial phenomena.
In fact, I was very self-abased and disappointed when I failed to get into the Caitian University because of the economic situation of my family.
I was forced to be the top student in my heart, so I put in more effort and show more talent than others.
I even have more charm than others.
These are all forced by me." He Qing said, "You did very well and successfully.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Why don't you be right?" "Qinghua, yes, of course I finally succeeded.
And I'm sure the teaching results and charm I had in middle school in the past few years.
No one in our school can surpass us now.
It must be an insurmountable peak!" He Qing nodded.
There was no doubt that he was a teacher.
Otherwise, why would so many students still respect you so much when they talked about you?
Qing Zhui told Ning Tao that she had suffered a setback in her career and relationship later, so she decided to abandon her teaching in the sea.
During the journey to the sea, she had not only had a good time in the business industry, but also been proud in the love field.
But in the end, she finally realized that all these so-called glory and pride were just past the rain and smoke.
In fact, they were all illusions of a person's life that he thought they were successful.
Therefore, after a long time of reflection and constant reflection, she felt that she was proud of the love.
In fact, she had not really understood what was love and what was the most meaningful emotion in her life.
Therefore, she now had the idea of being reborn and returned to be an ordinary cadre.
He Qing said, "Teacher, you don't regret the hard work of more than 20 years and the pursuit of life affection, do you?" Without more than 20 years of ordeal and pursuit, Ning Tao wouldn't have had such a deep feeling now.
He Qing asked him, "Teacher, if there's a next life, will you choose the way you used to walk?
Or if there's a next life, what kind of road will you choose?" As for such a serious question, Qinghua thought for a long time, and then he said one word at a time.
"If there is an afterlife, I can't say if I am reincarnated into a romantic person again.
But if I have a choice, I definitely won't be a busy person who time-travels to love with others.
It will be too exhausting!
Although such a romantic person is charming and unrestrained in other people's eyes, in fact, what he will get in the end is loneliness, just like what the song sings, that love will exchange for loneliness.
An endless love game, an endless tangle of love, at last, it's all about nothing but Buddhism, which is illusory in life.
He Qing, if there is an after-life, I will no longer be a romantic person, I must be a man who is determined by love, and have higher pursuits." He Qing said, "What kind of person is that?" Qing Tan replied firmly, "He must be able to develop a community for the country, and even have people who can make people praise!" After breaking up with his three lovers, Qinghua returned to his original county as expected.
He remained as an ordinary civil servant in the county and 1970d himself all the way.
From then on, he never got involved in love affairs or had any affairs with other women.
He was tired of the battle in the officialdom, and also disdained to be the food chain for promotion in officialdom.
Although He Qing had to provide him with funds for official activities on many occasions, he politely refused.
After he returned to the county for a few years, he had been promoted to a deputy Imperial level due to his extraordinary strength and practical style.
However, in order to make his performance better, he still insisted on transferring his mother's job to his superior.
He felt that he could contribute more to society by becoming a teacher in the school because President He, who had competed with him, had been transferred to another unit.
The president had changed to a new student and was an upright and humorous young man.
The young president had long heard of the teaching achievements of Qinghua and admired his deeds.
Therefore, he warmly welcomed him and arranged him to be the vice president in charge of teaching management.
Because he had a new understanding of officialdom and love.
He had no intention of fighting for power, nor was he interested in the romance between men and women, so he devoted himself to good teaching and management, which complemented each other with the president's cooperation.
His return and promotion made him a model for teaching fighters and teachers in the whole university and even the whole county.
He was very enthusiastic about all kinds of charity career.
Although he didn't have much money to donate, he helped his parents' children tutoring when he was free, so that their children's Chinese and other literary achievements rose sharply.
Under his tutoring, three poor students got into Guangzhou University of South China, China University of Chinese Medicine and Huanan University respectively.
He also advised He Qing and the disciples who had achieved great achievements in the urban development industry.
He generously donated money to build a teaching building and playground for his mother's school.
He also established a fund to support the poor students and children of his school.
Every year, he would support the poor students who went to college.
He worked hard and cared about the actions of the poor and the weak, and he won the reputation of a real teacher.
Thirty years later, sixty years later, the creator changed his mind from Jiang Qinghua to a powerful man.
After he rose to 70 years old, he was reborn in an island far away from China.
This place was an island country on the vast sea, and it was a king's kingdom.
In this great reform of the kingdom, he became a new and promising president of this country.
His leader changed the fact that a tens of millions of people fell into disgrace in this country.
He activated several ministers with noble moral character and scientific knowledge to eliminate the corruption of officials in the kingdom.
The public security was chaotic, and the public morality was low, which changed the lag of economic conditions caused by the political disputes, and people's livelihood was declining.
This made this country rise to be one of the top ten advanced countries of the world's integrated national power twenty years later, making the world stare and yearn for it!
The name of Jiang Qinghua's reincarnation was Ren Tianxiang!