Modern Martial Arts
Swordsman in Jianghu
For several generations, the monarchs had been cruel and brutal, people's lives had been plunged into misery,and the Jianghu was even more chaotic.
Fortunately, Jiuzhuan sword sect has turned the tide and tried its best to suppress evil forces,which has finally given the people a stable life.
However,there are many disputes in the creation of Jiuzhuan sect, and they all thought that they were superior and did not obey to others.
In the end, there was a bloody storm.
At this moment, there was a

Chapter 86   Chapter 86
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Of Shushan Volunteers
If everything in heaven and earth ends in silence and everything in the world turns to dust. It's a mistake to forget the things you can't forget. What is it when you meet something you shouldn't meet? Long thousands of years, heaven and earth is not. As the years pass, my face grows older. Waiting for is not necessarily love, but the sincere is real. Yin and Yang reverse, universe reincarnation. Eternal rotation, the end of ah,. Thousands of years of bitter keep only flowers. A love affair, bac
Immortal Sunset Ape
An ugly boy, from the moment he was born, had shouldered the duty of washing away humiliation for his master. He had just entered the Jianghu, but he had been attacked repeatedly. However, every time he was miserable, there would always be an angel like a woman who would help him and deeply fall in love with him. An unexpected experience had caused him to become a handsome man from then on, but he didn't know whether it was a blessing or a curse. At such a young age, he had already frowned and s
Flame Repelling Bead
Ming Dynasty champion Ni Hongji had a feud with Yan Song, the prime minister. He was deceived by Yan Song into the mansion. Yan Gao's daughter Yulian who was dissatisfied with her father's actions, so she rescued Ni Hongji and let him escape from the prime minister's mansion in disguise. In times of adversity, the two exchanged the flame repelling bead and jade dragon hairpins each other as tokens of love. Yan Song knew that Ni Hongji was released by Yulian and wanted to put Yulian to death. Yul