Eastern Fantasy
Heavenly Master Sect
My name is Zhang Zonglian, the Taoist name is Qingfengzi, the 16th generation descendant of Heavenly Master Sect.
My master, the Daoist Xuanyang, is the 16th generation descendant of Heavenly Master Sect.Six years ago, my master passed away.
Before his death, he handed over to me the short sword named "Haotian" which was the Immortal Treasure of Heavenly Master Sect.
I was forced to inherit the position of the 16th generation the Celestial Master of Heavenly Master Sect.
Master's last words on h

Chapter 154   Chapter 154
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The Chaos Star
The supreme god of heaven: "How can you distinguish between good and bad, righteous and evil, and life and death?" "If you are good, you will live, and if you are bad evil, you will die." In this way, you and others are good people without evil thoughts. They can be regarded as upright men. you have good intentions in your hearts, and can you not kill evil spirits when rescuing them." "Lord God, the evil spirits can be condemned for their misdeeds, and if we have good thoughts to save them then
Rebirth: True Love Is Endless
There is an ancient prophecy: Wu Qingcheng and Yue Nonghen, the pair of people who are under the curse by gods, will appear in the 21st century! In their past lives they were teachers and disciples who sympathized with each other and lovers who respected each other like guests. However, because of a fatalistic act and a senseless infatuation; he slaughtered thousands of gods for her, and devoured the world...
The Night Emperor
Hanfeng was usually in a mess. Even if he goes to pick up Qiudi, he wouldn't take care of himself as seriously as he did today. Originally, Hanfeng also didn't think about how to do it, so he just couldn't do whatever he wanted.But now that he thought about it, this must be his first date in two years of university. No matter what, it shouldn't be too cold. Even if he didn't think for himself, he still had to consider Ling Ruoshui's feelings. He didn't want to eat like he did last time. Everyone