Modern Cultivation
Great Layout Master
In the scorching sun, and Huange was riding on a thin horse along the border of Dusk Nation.Huange was a transmigrator.
Three years ago, he was killed in an accident.
But just when his consciousness was wandering in the darkness of death, a phoenix that was burning all over suddenly appeared in front of him, and he was suprised to see him in his present body.

Chapter 113   Chapter 113
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The Story of Love and Justice
Gao Xing, has always felt like his stomach had been discomfort recently, and today was the day he went to the hospital for a check-up. However, he had a good impression of Chen Fangling, who was doctor in the hospital, so he decided to call Chen Fangling. But at this time, Gao Xing was diagnosed with gastric cancer by an old lady surnamed Zheng. Gao Xing was so and angry that he tore the medical record into pieces.Chen Fangling quickly comforted him, but his eyes were filled with pity. After he
The Path of Cultivation
In this society, human resources became a very important source of energy after human cultivation. The energy of an ordinary light cultivator was enough for a thousand people to use in a day. Haifeng's company mainly provided services in this area. The employees in the company poured energy into a specific pipe and transmitted it to a particular factory. As long as it was processed simply, it could be used as a source of energy for the general public.
The Arrogant Cultivator
The Jiyuan Sect in the middle of the night was very deserted, in sharp contrast to the color light illusion in Kor City. The huge Wanjuan Pavilion is like a huge monster, which is entrenched in the Jiyuan Sect under the night. At this time, a black shadow rushed towards Wanjuan Pavilion from one direction , and the speed was extremely fast. "Teacher, here I come"! The black shadow stopped outside the Wanjuan Pavilion and bowed. "Come in." An old voice came from the Wanjuan Pavilion. If Wang Bing