Love is On The Road Of Revenge
She witnessed her mother being killed and left alone when she was young; she was framed and left home, vowing to take everything back.
They met at the airport, and the two became inseparable from then on.
The Vengeance queen who controls both legal circle and illegal circle is only for vengeance.

Chapter 150   Chapter 150
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The Best Teacher
Jiang Qinghua is quite different from many young people. Many people who have studied in college often feel that they are "underappreciated", but Jiang Qinghua does not feel that way. Because from the age of sixteen, when he was in high school, all the way to work, he felt that everywhere he was, the teachers and leaders treated him very well and fairly, and there was no feeling of being buried. Most of the talent he has had the opportunity to show. Perhaps, Jiang Qinghua's fascination with wome
She, My Other Half
Today is the first day of school. I came to this campus for the first time, Changping middle school. As soon as I entered the school, I was so excited that I decided to find my classroom first, but just then, a boy in front of me rushed to his seat, "Ah!" I roared, and instantly fell on the concrete floor as hard as a rock. The pain was unbearable. My head was dizzy at once, but I still looked up at the man firmly. Wow! Fair skin, a pair of dazzling black eyes that can look past and present, dye
Biography of Virtual Goddess
God: "I can fulfil your wish. " Lin Yiyi: "I want to show off my looks, the background of a wealthy family, and the authority of myriad ages!" God: "You... greed... oh! Alright! Your wish has been fulfilled. Please check and accept it. " Hey, hey, I've got an unparalleled look and hundreds of thousands of family background. I can pretend to slap the stink face, and I can use the money to fan rogues. But why did I become a girl? Bastard! No way! The story of the rich girl's prodigals, oh no!