Strong Female Protagonist in Time Travel
Transmigration: The Foolish Concubine
The Fourth Prince of Jing Dou was forced to marry the beautiful silly daughter of Prime Minister's family.
The world could tell that he had been forced to do so.
From the imperial edict to his mother's orders, to the entanglement of relatives, he couldn't stand it at night.
However, he found that she was smart, talented, knew how to play rascal, and knew how to throw a tantrum.
He would always think of her.Her beauty was so obvious, and yet he was as ordinary as he was.
He wondered if he should

Chapter 129   Chapter 129
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The Tenderness Song
She, an ordinary modern girl, smiling and striving for her own happiness, but is scarred. He is the prince of the Liuli Dynasty, who is extremely romantic and smart but arrogant and forbearing. In desperation, she committed suicide, and in one fell swoop, she transmigrate to this unrecorded dynasty in history and became a prostitute. He and she met for the first time in a brothel, and he fell in love with her beautiful face day by day. She married him, the 18th concubine, suffered all the humil
Transmigration: The Purple Curse
In an accident, I changed from a girl with a protruding upper circumference to a man. Heavens, return my surging breasts! Return my precious girl body! I don't want to be teased by my martial brothers! Although my body is man's body, my heart is still a girl's heart! I want to recover my woman's body.What should I do? Then I have to listen to master's words – go to cultivate immortality! But cultivating immortals is a difficult path to begin with. Adding on to the fact that a nasty fox spirit h
Transmigration: The Empress Dowager
There was a car accident, transmigrate through unknown time and space, how can someone else transmigrate into the empress dowager or the Marquis's wife.After Jiang Ru‘s transmigration, she inexplicably boarded on the thief boat of the Prime Minister and the emperor, and she became the Empress Dowager. Well, the empress dowager is alright. It's still good to have clothes and food to eat. It's a pity that the right phase came to stir up. The most important thing is why she was sold by the emperor