Modern Cultivation
Immortal God of War
Ordinary teenagers entered the world of practitioners by mistake, struggling to survive in the cruel world, and all the way.
Is it to die halfway and turned into fertilizer for flowers, or can it soar to dominate the world?

Chapter 103   Chapter 103
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Immortal Star
The legendary book of heaven is a must for immortal cultivation. If you understand it, you will definitely be able to break through the mystery of heavens and ascend to immortality in one step! If you want to become an immortal, you must first open the third eye, that is, the eye of understanding the mystery, also known as the divine knowledge, and Taoists calls it the eye of heaven.
The Story of Love and Justice
Gao Xing, has always felt like his stomach had been discomfort recently, and today was the day he went to the hospital for a check-up. However, he had a good impression of Chen Fangling, who was doctor in the hospital, so he decided to call Chen Fangling. But at this time, Gao Xing was diagnosed with gastric cancer by an old lady surnamed Zheng. Gao Xing was so and angry that he tore the medical record into pieces.Chen Fangling quickly comforted him, but his eyes were filled with pity. After he
The Arrogant Cultivator
The Jiyuan Sect in the middle of the night was very deserted, in sharp contrast to the color light illusion in Kor City. The huge Wanjuan Pavilion is like a huge monster, which is entrenched in the Jiyuan Sect under the night. At this time, a black shadow rushed towards Wanjuan Pavilion from one direction , and the speed was extremely fast. "Teacher, here I come"! The black shadow stopped outside the Wanjuan Pavilion and bowed. "Come in." An old voice came from the Wanjuan Pavilion. If Wang Bing