Fantasy Cultivation
The Rebirth is Widsom of Dharma
A world of earthly immortals, a way of cultivating immortals that pays attention to love, friendship and kinship.
An ordinary looking, low-key youth, in the world of deceiving immortals, the way to make a lot of money, the advanced road of silence, the journey of a brave, resourceful and passionate youth, the cultivation legend of a mediocre youth between heaven and earth with his mental strategy.
Happy Fairy
Wu Tian comes from an ancient mysterious family, since childhood with the master in the deep mountains and forests to practice martial arts. A year ago, shifu drove me down the mountain for no reason. And began his dream journey. Su Mei, this collection myriad dote on at a suit of rich family female, a wrong arrangement, make Wu Day lives beside numerous woman, this is this is the blessing of Wu Day or bad luck?
The King of Hunters
Daoist Qingping met Lvzu when he was 16 years old. He had already formed a Core Formation cultivator at the age of 20, a marvel of the Immortal Plane. He had been struck by lightning and had borrowed the body of a player who had just entered the game to die. Zheng Qingping was the owner of the body that he borrowed to restore his divine body. His nickname was trash in the mortal realm. The "trash" that was once cast aside by others was now the "half-star" that everyone was drinking happily! A bu
Metaverse Dragon Soul
You must know that generally speaking, if a Yuan Master who has just started to cultivate, wants to break through to the realm of the first-layer Yuan Movement, it will take at least one month to do it. And the cultivation of this technique generally requires Zhanwu to officially enter the realm of Yuan Movement before he can begin to cultivate. Because only after reaching this stage, the essence in the body can meet the needs of practicing magic, so that it won't end up feeling weak and mentall