Supernatural Abilities
Ability User: I am Legend
The baby boy who was the only survivor of an air crash just after the first full moon was still incredibly resilient.
A person's life was too hard, but it is not necessarily a good thing.
Because his parents had died in the air crash, he was viewed as the reincarnation of white tiger.
When he was 11 years old, he was hit in the chest by an adult male bear weighing 120 kilograms, but didn't die; when he was 15 years old, he was entangled by a 10-meter-long phoenix and didn't take his life; when h

Chapter 86   Chapter 86
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The Dark Shepherd's Legend
I'm an idiot if I don't run. Three or four people surrounded me and told me not to run. The heads of these guys were amused and I turned around and pointed up a middle finger at those guys. Then those guys jumped angrily and I continued to run forward desperately. If I don't run and are blocked by those guys, it's not as simple as getting a beating. In fact,I'm also very depressed, just playing a game, so serious? Isn't it just killing him a few more times and saying a few more words! Can't you
Spirit World
During the ancient time, the universe began to open and the world was in chaos. There were no ordinary things in this world. Since the opening of Pangu, heaven and earth have been formed. It was divided into the sun and moon, and the rules for the revolution of the galaxy. However, the Pangu's Qi transformed into the five worlds of heaven and earth: God, man, devil, ghost, Buddha.For thousands of years, the five realms had always ruled over their own realms and each of them has its own way. Howe
Raccoon Magician
many cute animals] + [many beautiful men] She is the first killer with psychic powers, because of betraying the teacher, finally died under a lightning bolt. Suddenly, she became arrogant, the notorious miss 100 li, but innocent in an assassination of the princess's own fault. In addition to her beauty, she has all the flaws in the world, dark, lazy, creepy, poison. Who says a good player has to be cool? Want to fight? No problem! Are you gonna fight us, or are we gonna fight you? Want to propos