Eastern Fantasy
Wolf in the North
Coincidentally, the Primal Chaos' origin fused with the demon realm; the magnificent magic of the world in his dreams and the dazzling martial arts of the real world interwove together to create unparalleled heroes in the barren land!
He valued relationships and righteousness!
If he were his relatives, he would break through the thousand layers of the sea with his fist and crush mountains with his spear!
He was cold and bloodthirsty!
Those who offended him would kill all the barren corpses and s
Thundering Heavens
Night slowly descended from the sky to the earth, and the Great Yuan Empire was slowly covered by night. Northeast of the Empire, Bashan County, known as the homeland of the night, was even more gloomy. The thick dark clouds seemed to roll above everyone's heads. Strong winds swept past and thunder rumbled, shaking the entire Myriad Bashan Mountain.That night, there was no star or moon.From time to time, the roar of wild beasts, as well as the wails of prey in the dying struggle came from the an
Carefree Master: The Return of the Dragon Emperor
The young dragon was unrestrained and had received the favour of Longshen. Long's physique had lasted for tens of thousands of years. He loved his lover hand in hand and tempered himself through the world. He had become a Deity, a Middle Sovereign, and a Great Ruler. The four beasts had gathered together and learned that they were crossing through parallel times, saving all living beings. He held a divine sword in his hand and looked down upon the world!
The Demon is Broken
It was a forbidden realm that had been abandoned by the Ancient Divine World and used to seal Heaven-defying Demons, the Land of Sealed Demons! The Heaven-defying Demons were unwilling to be sealed, and were planning a heaven-shaking scheme! At this moment, after experiencing eight lifetimes of reincarnation, they suddenly arrived in this forbidden domain. Facing the familiar fiendish demons in his previous life, Zhanfeng embarked on a demon-breaking journey to fight against others, demons, and