Strong Female Protagonist in Time Travel
Transmigration: The Empress Dowager
There was a car accident, transmigrate through unknown time and space, how can someone else transmigrate into the empress dowager or the Marquis's wife.After Jiang Ru‘s transmigration, she inexplicably boarded on the thief boat of the Prime Minister and the emperor, and she became the Empress Dowager.
Well, the empress dowager is alright.
It's still good to have clothes and food to eat.
It's a pity that the right phase came to stir up.
The most important thing is why she was sold by the emperor

Chapter 128   Chapter 128
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The Kingdom and the Beauty
The adventuring beauty accidentally fell into the ancient tomb and mysteriously crossed through. She came to the ancient era to play with the royal family, and the flames rose in all directions to see how she would conquer the world. A modern woman who loved adventures discovered the legendary Lun Huipan in an ancient tomb adventure. The Reincarnation Plate was a divine item used by the ancient Loulan Kingdom for sacrificial offerings. It was brought to the ancient Loulan Kingdom by the mysterio
The Huntsman:Summer of Concern
Qiya is just Qiya, I'm friends with Qiya, not with Zuodi Ke. "Idiot, what are you talking about." He looked at the girl's smile, full of sincerity, and curved his lips corner, I feel the warmth in my heart. "Feitan is not a stranger! We have exchanged names..." "..." He silently watched the girl, covered in scarlet, slowly fall down, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. "Qiya, follow your heart! Follow the direction of your heart, no one can order you to do things you don't want to do for
A King So Cold: Solitary Concubine
Gan Mumu slapped the abacus, and then walked leisurely in front of the man, "My lord, I have been your princess for more than 100 days, should I pay you a little? One million taels shouldn't be much, right? Eat and sleep with me. Playing with me, I only charge 10,000 taels a day..." The man gritted his teeth and threw out a stack of silver notes and a divorce letter, and coldly squeezed a word from his teeth, "Go!" She picked up the divorce letter on the ground with a smile. And the silver note,